The plan of the opposition on January 19th


Today, on the 19th of January, opposition leaders spoke at Euromaidan during the Pan-Ukrainian rally. Once again the leaders of the three main opposition parties; Vitaliy Klitschko of UDAR, Oleh Tiahnybok of Svoboda, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Batkivshchina took turns denouncing the so-called laws that Party of Regions along with the Communists dragged through the Verkhovna Rada and then they  declared the illegitimacy of all branches of government, including that of the president.

Vitaliy Klitschko was the first to take to the stage. He denounced the attempt to pass illegitimate, anti-constitutional laws and he demanded that early presidential elections be held.  He stated that his party will gather on Monday and declare an ultimatum to Yanukovych. He once again asked the army and the police to join the people of Ukraine.

Oleh Tiahnybok took to the stage in an orange construction helmet to protest against one of the new so-called laws, and reminded everyone that what the Party of Regions attempted to pass through parliament has no legitimacy, goes against the constitution and should not be abided by. He declared the need to form a people’s parliament as an alternative to the illegitimate parliament. He declared that the opposition parties will make an effort to gather signatures from all Ukrainians declaring no confidence in the current branches of government and support for the people’s government.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the opposition Batkivshchina Party, came next announced the following plan of action: forming the People’s Parliament, declaring national distrust in the Yanukovych presidency and assemble a committee to create a new constitution.  “We have to form the People’s Parliament. This is the first solution. Do you accept it?” he asked everyone present at Euromaidan.

“Yes, we do!” the participants of Euromaidan responded.

“The second step is to obtain legitimization from the Ukrainians and to confirm its commissions. The third step is to create a new constitution. We have to return to the constitutional law of 2004.  Let`s say “no” to the dictatorship of Yanukovych! We are starting to gather signatures for the Pan-Ukrainian vote of no confidence in Yanukovych and demand his retirement.”

“Ukrainians have never created their own constitutional law. We are proclaiming the beginning of a Constitutional Assembly. Ukrainians are starting to write their constitution”.

Moreover, Arseniy Yatsenyuk claimed that there is no legitimate government in Kyiv.

“We are preparing to hold elections of Kyiv municipal legislature and the mayor of Kyiv to use Kyiv as a template and an example of people’s ability to govern. Power to the Ukrainians! ‘’

Furthermore, the leader of opposition asked the organs of municipal government throughout the country to form regiments of national self-protection to fight against crime and corruption.

“After forming the Peoples` Parliament of Ukraine we have to form the National government, which will return the human rights, halt the dictatorship and lead Ukraine to EU. This will be the government of European Ukraine. This is our plan of action,’’ summarized Yatsenyuk.

The full plan of action was later read out by Oleksandr Turchynov (a member of parliament from Batkivshchina party) point by point.


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