Ultras of Ukraine unite against “Titushkas”

Titushka” thugs in Kharkiv have problems. They are being handled by “ultras” and patriots. “Titushka” recruiters from Kharkiv’s fighting club “Oplot” failed to send to Kyiv the “declared” 400 militants on Monday, December 20th.

To their own surprise, the organizers of the thug touring team encountered stiff opposition from a number of persons reputable in the region. This put an end to “titushka” recruitment in Kharkiv: “Beating people for the cops’ money is not living the thug life”. Moreover, it became known that a part of the football ultras of Kharkiv decided to “bump off the local “titushkas”, which disgrace Kharkiv, beating up ordinary people for money”.

Also, the majority of local “ultras” groups decided to support the “ultras” of Kyiv, with whom they had until the present day maintained quite hostile relations. The reason for these intentions are, according to a source of the newspaper “Argument”, is the anger evoked by new law under number 722 -VII, which prescribes passports for purchasing football match tickets.

Meanwhile, Dynamo fans declared war on “titushkas”

Kyiv “Dynamo” football fans from the WBC association have announced the mobilization and creation of self-defense groups against “titushka” who are causing riots in the city.

In thier statement, the ultras appealed to all the concerned Kyivans to fight against “titushkas”.

“We go out – FOR KYIVANS, FOR OUR CITY, FOR OUR COUNTRY, FOR OUR HONOR! Only to complete idiots can it remain a mystery that Yanukovych’s minions are throwing villains ready to commit crimes for the dirty money of the regime on Kyivans. Only the blind, brainwashed idiots can not believe this. That police guarding public institutions, this is one thing. But that fact that crowds of hired bastards are marching around the capital of Ukraine, in the Great city of KYIV – this is totally something else,” – it is said in this statement.


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