Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal in connection with the events on the Hrushevskogo street

Today, on January 22, the Day of Unity of Ukraine, Yanukovych gave a command to use firearms against the euromaidaners. The first killed was Sergei Nihoyan that from the very beginning was on Maidan, then two more of Ukraine’s sons had fallen.

I ask everyone to pay their respects with a minute of silence.

I mourn all civilians along with their parents, along with everyone who feels this pain. Blood of these Heroes of Ukraine are on the hands of Yanukovych. He personally shot them while hes was reading out the greeting on the Day of Unity.

From that moment, when Yanukovych killed Sergei Nihoyan and our two boys, whose names we still do not know, he ceased to be president of Ukraine and became a murderer. After this he has no more right to occupy the presidency!

If we, ukrainians, forgive him this, then we deserve all that he will do to us next.

Ukrainian children of our own land, rise up for your children, your parents, for yourself! Do not let yourself continue to be killed! We no longer have any choice!

The question is hard: either they, or a free Ukraine. Either our murdered children, or the immediate death of a political dictatorship and its headers!

I appeal to all people of any Ukrainain uniform: do not take the blood of Ukrainians on your conscience. Neither work nor salary or straps are worth the death of your soul. I urge you to retire from the ranks of Yanukovich’s hired killers and take the side of the country. I know that your mothers pray for you and Ukraine, just like the mothers of daughters and sons that you kill and cripple.

Lay down your arms! Do not shoot at anyone who reads the poems of Shevchenko. As Sergey Nihoyan .

I appeal to the leaders of the democratic world with a request to open a second front against the dictatorship in Ukraine. The longer you postpone it , the more peaceful Ukrainians die on the battlefield for freedom.

Every minute lost you is paid by Ukrainian blood.

Ukrainian children of our holy land, rise up!

Do not permit free Ukraine to be killed, she will not stand without you today!

My heart is with you!

Yulia Tymoshenko
Kachanivska colony
January 22nd, 2013


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