Where is your Bandera? Berkut beat and tortured a detained student.

Berkut (riot police) brutally beat a student captured during the confrontation on Hrushevskoho. The victim, a 17-year old student of Chernivetsky Economic College Mikhailo Niskoguz, talked about this with journalists on Thursday. This was broadcasted by Hromadske TV (http://hromadske.tv/ru/)
The boy affirms he did not attack the police, he was only taking pictures. However during another attack he was captured and dragged by riot police to Mariinsky Park. He was led by police through a line of 40 to 50 people, each of them beating him. “All of them were Berkut fighters”, – he says. “They asked me: “Where’s your Bandera, when you are lying here? He’s not going to help you””, – says the victim. According to Mikhailo he was “kicked, beaten, cut with a knife and sprayed on with pepper gas”. “They started cutting me across my anus,” he adds. At first, Berkut wanted to let him go, but then they changed their minds and threw him into a prisoner transport vehicle for 4 hours. Police wanted to take him to their police station, but “doctors begged to take me to a hospital, because I was bleeding hard, my arm was broken”. on January 22 the court decided to hold him under house arrest for 2 month. He is accused under Art. 294, part 2 Criminal Code of Ukraine – organizing riots that caused death of people or any other grave consequences. This article calls for imprisonment for a term of eight to fifteen years. Ukrainian MP Irena Seh says the boy got to the doctors in a serious condition. The police accused him of rioting and throwing fireworks at them. The police denies any case of alleged torture. It is known that on January 20 the police arrested six students of Karpenko- Karyi university due to events on Hrushevskoho street. Obolonsky Disctict Court in Kyiv chose house arrest as a precaution, they are as well incriminated with art. 294, part 2 Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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