“One “Berkuter” shone a flashlight into the protesters’ eyes, and the second one shot to the head”

At least one 2-man Berkut team is deliberately targeting people’s eyes on Hrushevskiy Street. The pair works with a spotter, who blinds the target with a flashlight, and a shooter, who finishes the job.

The ophthalmology department of the central Olexandr hospital of Kyiv is stuffed with those who suffered during the confrontation at Hrushevskiy Stree. Just one branch of the Olexandr Hospital with eye injuries accepted 20 people.

Just one example of who is targeted is a 28 -year-old artist from Kyiv, Valeriy, who (as well as two other protesters), lost an eye during clashes with police on Hrushevskiy Street on January 19th.

“I went to Hrushevskiy Street because my friends were there and I knew – they needed help, they could suffer,” says Valery. “I went to see them. We stood in the columns at the entrance to Dynamo Stadium. We were close to the security forces. One was shining a flashlight into the faces of the protesters, and the other shot. And not aiming at the torso or legs, but only in the head, the eyes. The shooter was in the dark – I considered it when security forces lit the location in a blast. The first shot in the head was a man who was standing next to me. I wanted to catch him to help, but the flashlight had already lit my face. I had no time to look away, and felt a kick in the side of my head. And my eye was ripped.

I’ve been at Maidan since the first day. I must say: I do not support any of the parties that exist in our country. The country has long been going on lawlessness. And it needs to be changed. So when Maidan began to take shape, I came to the meetings, helped the doctors bring medicine to the House of Trade Unions and in general help, just as many others have. And I did not regret anything.”

Source: censor.net.ua 

2 thoughts on ““One “Berkuter” shone a flashlight into the protesters’ eyes, and the second one shot to the head”

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