The “Right Sector” – unto Ukraine a stumblingblock, and to the West foolishness

The Far-right political forces seem to be the stumbling stone on the path to understanding between those who live in Ukraine and in the West. As Andrij Bondar writes on his FB page,

“A short resume of communicating with civilised Europe on the matter of spreading Euromaidan ideas:

Europe often demands Maidan and all the people that write about it to condemn the “right” people of Maidan – brand them, bring them to light, and, desirably, blame them for everything. For her it is often more important than deaths, kidnapping, terror, intimidation by the regime. You say: “The regime is killing us”. And she relplies: “The Rights are to blame. Bring us the scalp of this Hitler of yours”.

The short answer that I would like to give to this civilised Europe fits into a phrase of two words. And I have no idea on how this could be overcome. But this stubborness and deafness is comparable only to the Russian “Ukrainians and Russians are one people”.

Andrij is not alone. Oksana Forostyna, also on her FB page, writes:

My dear friends in Europe and US! If you trust me, please, forget about this “Ukrainian right radicals” crap some Western media provide! That’s so irrelevant now, when people are killed, kidnapped, and tortured, and we face the terror on the Kyiv streets. You know I criticized the rights, and I will criticize them in future. However, there are no the left and the right here anymore, but Yanukovych and his gangs against people of Ukraine. And if you’re concerned about “Nazi” here, Ukraine riot police “Berkut” should be in your focus. Shocking videos and photos are available. Just keep children away from the screen. I can understand you: it’s natural to be afraid of what’s familiar, and ultras and right radicals are familiar to you. I also understand that it’s hard to imagine an alliance of police and criminals on that horrifying scale. Keep in mind that Yanukovych personally and the regime are responsible for the violence in Ukraine, and they are looking for a reason to legitimize repression. Don’t be deluded with the somnolent messages.

These lies, as Anton Shekhovtsov writes, are an attempt to appease Russian imperialists who are doing everything they can to deprive Ukraine of its already weakened independence. An idea of what these lies are can be acquired via the allegedly left-wing web-sites, such as the World Socialist Web Site. In short, they are about the evil neo-fascist far-right provoking a conflict that led to many fatalities, and supporting an ideology that will inevitably lead to more misdoings.

What we must understand, as Anton Shekhovtsov writes, is that the Euromaidan is, among other things, a national revolution against the Kremlin’s imperialism and a nationalist uprising against Russia’s destructive influence on Ukraine. The far right is being fuelled by the constant threat to the Ukrainian statehood rather than the alleged growth of extreme right views in the Ukrainian society. The majority of support for the far-right comes from people that support the urgent need for national independence, and not far-right ideas per se. Those who separate these two issues or crack down on the Ukrainian far right without recognising the urgent need for national independence will never be successful in their attempts to neutralise the far right. Moreover, they can make the situation worse. Furthermore, the right are not the only violent force on Maidan – they are joined by many Ukrainian left-wingers and democrats who have become radicalised as a result of the lack of progress of non-violent resistance to the country’s slipping into an outright dicatorship. The majority of the protesters who take to Kyiv’s freezing cold streets are tired to death of Yanukovych’s corrupt authoritarian regime, his cynical disregard of their demands, and are outraged about the police brutality. That the protest forces in Ukraine are dominated by the far right is misconception #3 of the Four largest misconceptions about the protests in Ukraine.

Who are the fascists here?

As the European left incessantly emphasizes, the Right in Ukraine is to be feared by Jews and minorities; the opposition, alleging with the right “Svoboda” party, supports these obsolete and antidemocratic ideas. The reality is in fact the opposite. The facebook page of “Berkut”, the governments’ riot police force whose name is now being used to scare Ukrainian children into behaving due to their notorious cynicism and violence, exuberates arrant and unmistakable antisemitism, such as “Zionist Tymoshenko and the three-part division map of Ukraine”, “Jewish roots and connections of the opposition leaders Yulia Tymoshenko, Vitali Klitschko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tiagnybok”. It is worth noting that Arseniy Yatsenyuk indeed has Jewish roots, which does not impede the collaboration of his party “Batkivschyna” with “Svoboda”. Furthemore, on Jan. 22-24th, the opposition has initiated patrols of Kyiv’s synagogues to prevent possible vandalism.

Over more than two months, the term “fascist” is being consistently used to describe the atrocities of the police and the cruel regime, and not without reason.

Andrey Chebotarev: “Kyiv 1941 and 2014. Find 10 differences. On top is the Nazi Babin Yar massacre and the fascists. On the bottom is Hrushevskogo street and fascists yet again.
From the description of the events: “Undress! Quickly! Do it! Schnel! If people tarried, their clothes were torn off by force, they were kicked, hit by clubs, brass knuckles, drunk with fury, in a sadistic rage”.”

The events relate to a resonant case of the police’s ingenious methods: a man was stripped, tortured, and humiliated on Hrushevskogo street by the Berkut troopers at 10 degrees below freezing:

The “Right Sector” of Maidan has initiated violence with the police on Kyiv’s streets, bringing the Euromaidan protests out of a tedious and ineffective carousel of two-month-long People’s Gatherings (Viches) and encampments on Kyiv’s main square fighting off the regime’s assaults, Europe’s lack of action, and the governments’ scornful deafness and cynical repressions, which culminated in the unconstitutional “adoption” of the “dictatorship laws” on January 16th, signifying a total breakdown of democracy.

The recently published open letter of Ukrainian intellectuals specifically addressed the violence and far-right issue:

“We, .. moderate people, peaceful professionals, of varied ethnic origin, from various regions of Ukraine,… declare our solidarity with those, who have been forced to use these instruments [of violence] today. The turn from hitherto unprecedented massive and peaceful protests to radical ways of expressing one’s position was forced upon the protesters by the policies of the Ukrainian government, which demonstrates utter disregard for the interests of Ukrainian citizens, ignores their opinions and uses violence against the peaceful protesters… It was the government of Ukraine, which was quickly losing any remaining semblance of legitimacy, that radicalized people that never belonged to any extremist groups. The government left the protesters no other choice. That is why the attempts to portray the protesters as fascist-like extremists is nothing but a ruse, a manipulation and a falsification on the part of the government, designed to absolve itself of responsibility for the clashes in center city Kyiv and to form the corresponding public opinion about the anti-governmental protests, both among the Ukrainians and the citizens and politicians of other nations. All that is being done with express purpose of creating an informational background favorable to the forceful crackdown on the protests”.

The Far-right, demonized by all those in the West, except the lazy, thus did what the peaceful, democratic people of Ukraine were dreaming of but were too scared to admit, not mention realize – to revolt against an opressive, corrupt government, which holds to its power through systematic desinformation of its population by oligarch-owned TV channells, whose hands will reach out to your neck if you cross its line, be you a small entrepreneur or a journalist, whose only fulfillment of the “improvement” of life so widely advertised during the frauded elections has lead to the true  improvement of life for one “Family” on a backdrop of plummeting social standards and skyrocketing corrution. Oh, did you know? Yanukovych is buiding a new palace. Yes, his old one was not enough.

The Right sector has even evoked messianistic aspirations. Anatoliy Denysenko writes:

“Whether we like it or not, the Right Sector, as well as other radically inclined citizens, have changed the course of events in Ukraines’ political crisis to the protesters’ favor. The authorities have backed down. The price for this turnaround are Molotov cocktails, the wounded, arrested, kidnapped, and killed. Of course, those of us that adhere to nonviolent resistance and oppose against such radical measures of struggling for justice will have to agree that, if the regime will fall, God’s hand must have guided these people and God had been determining the situation, including in this manner. Are these self-defense squads, armed with fireworks and shields, and Kyiv locals in construction helmets and bats in their hands that opposed the police lying in ambush in the Ukrainian House not the answer to the prayers of many believers that are incessantly praying for the situation in the center of Kyiv? How will we view barricade construction and tire burning after the victory? Will we see them as part of God’s plan, or as something foreign to God? After all, winners are always right! Moreover, already now many believers recognize those people killed on Hrushevskogo that did not hand out Bibles but threw stones as the heroes of Ukraine”.
My humble opinion is that if Europe is to be the tiniest bit unhypocritical in her adhesion to democratic values, the Ukrainian Right should be the least of her worries.

Alya Shandra

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5 thoughts on “The “Right Sector” – unto Ukraine a stumblingblock, and to the West foolishness

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  2. As always, once again, while people fight for their life, alone and against a evil coalition of mafia criminals under the order of russian megalomaniac Putin, Europe talks, talks (and also welcome money of those criminels from Ukraine and Russia). Is Svoboda party antisemite ? Is Right Sector dangerous ? bla, bla, bla

    What is dangerous is that Putin wants to kill all ukrainians and this is a real threat !!

    While the ukrainians die for our ideas of democracy, the only thing they get from us : such a shamefull vision of Europe : cowards and hypocrites…

    Ukrainians are not stupid and are not blind too. Now, what people says to me mostly is : “Or Europe help us and she can go F… herself” and I have to fight against it everyday being a european fighting at their side !!

    To be honest it’s harder and harder to defend and I feel a huge shame for us. What a pity to realise that the real spirit of Europe is in Ukraine and that Europe doesn’t seems to care at all.

    Freeze the bank accounts, seize their properties in Europe (they all have and everybody knows where they are : Austria, Switzerland, London, Luxembourg…)

    Boycott Sotchi Olympic Games of shame

    And if it’s not enough, prepare to war !!

    Remember Hitler in 1936 ? You think I am joking ? Wait, after Ukraine, we are the next on the list… just a matter of time. Putin already spit and piss on us (as I said our image is : weak, coward and hypoctites). How long do you think he will stand before starting to think it’s time to remove such “fagott” as we are ? You know how much he appreciates homposexuals…

    READ THIS, SPRED IT, at least you will know what is taking place in Ukraine and why nodody cares about Svoboda, Right Sector…

    Here it’s much simple : win or die and anyone is welcome against Putinovych !!

    COME ON EUROPE, COME ON USA if you are still democracies : PROVE IT !!


    This is a translation from the article which link is below :

    When a ship is about to sink, everybody think about how to survive. But, ultimately, only survive those having an adequate understanding of the situation and, then, take the adequate actions.

    A country isn’t a small boat sailing on the sea under the wind blow. In today’s world, it will be more like a huge sea liner with a complex design, full of passengers, having a numerous management team and a captain able to keep its course no matter the weather conditions.

    The buildup of a country is a complex, long and costing process. Not everyone can take such responsabilty upon his shoulders.If the captain do not fullill correctly is task, the risk is see the passangers starting to move from board to board to change the direction.

    If the captain is at the lead, it’s the engines which make it move. There lies the “moving forces” of the country, under the surface, invisble in deep but still active.

    Weither you believe or not in the laws of physics, chemistry (and any exact science) they still act, anyway. The same occurs with the laws of geopolitics.

    It’s important to understand that, in the present situation, in addition to internal forces, there are external ones. And those are huge ones, major world actors : USA, Britain, Germany, China and Russia.

    China is interested in Ukraine to obtain technologies (space and military). Ukraine develops system for the Chinese armored troups and it’s done without catching to much attention. For example, over the past 20 years , China has purchased from Ukraine the necessary technology to build passive electromagnetic pulses generators (electronic warfare means for disabling any electrical) sold as a dual-use technology for mineral exploration (in 2003), as well as 5 missiles RS – 20A at NATO classification SS 18 “Satan” (without nuclear warheads) documentation, it needs to build its own missile rocket motors.

    German and British interests in Ukraine – a topic by itself – will represented to our readers in another study.

    Strengthening of Russia isn’t something USA can approve without a close eye. It’s not part of America’s plan to allow long term and direct access to Russian satellites on Europe and Black Sea.

    While Russia aims at exactly to opposite. And this is just a basic item on its agenda for Ukraine.

    If we want to take care of our domestic situation, we cannot afford to ignore those interests as part of the game.

    Open events, manifestations always follow a more secret step, which often turn out to be much more effective and it takes place long before the main event appears.

    We hope that this will help the reader to understand the origins of the situation and the processes taking place in the country which make so hard to distract the regime and opposition.

    The story begin in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR. Just after, the security services (at the time of the Russian Federation) started to take positions in Ukraine, and it should be recognized : very successfully. But, during the reign of Boris Yeltsin, their use was limited by the lack of political will in Russia itself.

    However, this period is important to mention because, at that time, was decided in Russia what be and should remain the role of Ukraine. Given the lack of natural resources, it was decided that this area will be used for financial schemes to launder money, primarily of gas activities. A state scale conversion in a way.

    The problem is that those financial schemes were invented in Ukraine, in particular by Yevhen Scherban and oddly enough , Yulia Tymoshenko. Probably, during this period was formed the bulk of the Russian oligarchy offshore capital of 500 billion dollars, the one that reproached to Putin Zbigniew Brzezinski, during the talks on Syria this year.

    And everything was ok until Vladimir Putin became the first prime minister and then president of the Russian Federation. He was the first who initially raised the question : why give to someone earnings, and especially to the Ukrainians ? Let it all be ours !

    And was put forward the demand to reduce the “cost of service” and to speak percentage : to ridiculously small. That couldn’t fit with the interests of the ukrainian schemers. And Yulia Tymoshenko refused the “proposal”. But not for some patriotic reasons. Just because “no one works for free”.

    In 2004, before the Orange Revolution, the Russian Federation realized that their influence on Ukraine was under threat. Even despite the successful implementation of actions to address a clear message to the Ukrainian politicians who would feel the desire to lead Ukraine in a stand-alone course – See Vyacheslav Chornovil and Vadym Hetman cases.

    At that time Leonid Kuchma could not be considered as the candidate of the russian policy to the head of state with any legal or other points of view. But, the people did not accept either the “prepared candidate” – a creature of Rinat Akhmetov – Viktor Yanukovych. Vladimir Putin himself was keenly aware that if the use of a criminal provide the necessary accountability and shortsightedness, to stretch such a candidate through elections will be problematic. Not ready Yanukovych, not yet. Witnesses can confirm that fact after the revelations of Viktor Yanukovych on TV, Renat Akhmetov expressed his displeasure in his face. More precisely, with the flowers he gave him, in his face, at a meeting at the airport.

    In addition, Leonid Kuchma began to prepare his own successor viewed as too independent and unmanaged by Russia : Georgy Kirpa.

    Russians had to decide something and urgently. The only acceptable way to solve the problem was to bet on another potential candidate for president : Viktor Yushchenko. And, of course, to eliminate the other, more morally strong, Kirpa. Remember, Kirpa’s suicide : probably the only case in the world of criminology where a man suicide himself with two shots from a pistol in the head…

    But the success of any plan is not only in planning it but equally its implementation. How to put an hand on Yushchenko if he was all turned to the west ? In fact, It turned out that the man was on the west but not totally. Yushchenko had some Russian business too. For a small scale, but significant enough for an ukrainian family.

    But further analysis of the situation showed that the threat of losing these business on the Russian part couldn’t outweigh its obligations to the west. In addition, winning the presidential race was more than compensating all the possible hardships.

    A decisive turn was needed. An action that will not only bring victories “here” and “there” but that will bind Ukraine firmly and definitely to Russia, naturally with the full compliance and visibility of our “independance” and letting believe to Europe and America that everything was fully going according to the pursue of their interests in Ukraine.

    This was not only concerning gas but also nuclear fuel production which, by the way, is the personal business of Vladimir Putin. Put these two things together and wonder what kind of energy security of Ukraine we are taking about ?

    As for Yushchenko ? The solution was simple : scare. scare him to death so that he won’t even try to move. He also needed to realize that, even if the west will help ukraine, they won’t be able to help, protect or save him personally. The genius of the strategy was that russians didn’t needed, wanted Yushchenko to come on their side. They just needed him to accomplishe a serie of acts, like the signing of the infamous gas contracts in 2008.

    To implement such a plan a man was needed, a man able to approach Yushchenko, in his close circle, and having his confidence. Such a man was found : Vladimir Satsiuk, at that time, first deputy chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), a former lawmaker and chairman of the board of the Bank “Ukraine”.

    The appearance of such a person in the SBU was surprising both to senior staff and operational staff : scandal of the bankruptcy of the bank was already in the air and Vladimir Satsiuk was one of the main actor in this scandal.

    According to employees of the Office of the Chairman of the SBU, Mr. Satsiuk in the first days of its new position raised attention by placing in his office a copy machine and making ​​copies of all documents that he was receiving (and, of course, the secret ones too). He also have been quickly involved in some significant financial scandals (Russians probably didn’t pay enough). Strangely, during the following criminal investigations on Satsiuk, and these documents were not found.

    In 2004, when the president of Ukraine was poisonned, it was in the house of Satsiuk at a party between “friends”. Of course, it was not just a little food poisoning, but something much more serious. This situation is remembered by all readers, so it is worth mentioning it only in the context of the unfolding events.

    The fact that Yushchenko was poisined in Satsiuk’s house was used to remember him later that there was no place where he couldn’t be at range. After that Yushchenko was broken. He agreed to any proposals of the Russians in exchange for a further guarantee on its security. Ukraine was sold.

    After these events, Vladimir Satsiuk disappeared and was even put on the international “wanted” list. Searched everywhere but not found. In fact, somehow miraculously, Satsiuk – helpful citizen of the Russian Federation – appeared in Russia as advisor to the Chairman of the FSB. And at the rank of Major General is Russian, not Ukrainian secret services.

    The insolence of his FSB’s masters is limitless because, according to the sources of Politica-Ua, Vladimir Satsiuk returned to Ukraine with a Russian passport about a month after and lived in Kiev on the street like any citizen. Did authorities forgot about prosecutions against him ? Did limitation period for treason already passed ? According to our calculations, no.

    But back to Viktor Yushchenko. After the “explanatory” talk, he was already to agree to anything. However, he could not stop the process of the “Orange Revolution”. Why ? Because he was not leading it. Think back to that time and honestly assess the participation of Yushchenko in the events of the Independence…

    Ideologists and implementers of the “orange” events were in another camp : the one of Tymoshenko. De facto, the “orange revolution” pulled Tymoshenko. That’s what, after that, she couldn’t be forgiven. And the first who did not forgive, oddly enough, turned out to be Yushchenko. And of course his owners too.

    Again, you need to understand that Yulia Tymoshenko did not do this for reasons of patriotism. She knew that the coming of Yanukovych to power will put an end to her own participation in gas and other financial schemes and she wanted to avoid this at all costs. We are not taking just about money here, what we are talking about is : huge sums of money, moutains of money to be more precise.

    Strangely, for some reason, the medias didn’t highlight the fact that, at that time, Yulia was not actually allowed to go out of Ukraine. In the U.S. and in almost all countries of Europe she was under search for participating in money laundering. The readers will be interested to know that in the British bank account of Tymoshenko, the english government froze 16 billion pounds. Almost the entire annual budget of Ukraine. And this was only the part of Tymoshenko of the gas schemes and in UK only. Imagine now, the mountant of the part of the providers themselves !

    What was the response of the Russian Federation ? Very simple.

    When, in December 2008, ended the previous contract for the supply and transit of Russian gas (priced at $ 179.5 per 1 thousand cubic meters), Ukraine started to panic. The Russians, (despite the agreements already fixed on the sale of gas at a price of $ 235 for 1 thousand cubic meters) first raised the price to $ 320, and then to $ 450.

    Feel the difference ? As if, by magic, the prices increased more than twice. Of course, the owner define his price but in such area of business there are some known formulas to define the gas prices that are clear and checkable. The price do not jump like that.

    In addition, an interesting aspect: the duration of the contracts. Before the contract was signed for 1 year, now it was a 10 year agreement – until 2019.

    Dear readers ! Understand that these issues are not the matter of Tymoshenko. For your information, all the scandals around this allowed your attention to be targeted on her and not on the real trick. These questions are relevant because it was signed in 2009 for 10 years. The gas deal is still in effect and Ukraine’s debts grow exponentially ! This was the real trick to slave Ukraine to Russia.

    In Ukraine, all parts knew : the delegation of “Naftogaz”, the Ministry of Energy and the Cabinet of Ministers. And even President Yushchenko. But he was just forced to act and obey to the Russians to avoid the threats descripted above. And that’s what he choosed.

    Under his command, and with the full cooperation of Alexander Shlapak Vitalievitch (at that time First Deputy Head of the Presidential Secretariat) appeared this “Tymoshenko” directive, coming from the Cabinet of Ministers (but without them to know it) and giving order to “Naftogaz” delegation to sign the agreement on the proposed Russians conditions of $ 450 per 1 thousand cubic meters. And, what is that strange circumstance, in such an important moment for the country, that the head of “Naftogaz”, Oleg Dubina, was urgently recalled to Ukraine…

    The court’s decision on the case of Tymoshenko presents interesting words – a directive prepared and printed by “unidentified” persons. According to sources of Politica-Ua, these “unidentified” persons are : Oleksandr Shlapak which, in addition of being First Deputy Head of the Presidential Secretariat, was also the representative of the President in the Cabinet and, later, the main witness in the case directed in the Pechersk court against Tymoshenko.

    After signing this agreement, Ukraine was in the hands of the Russians. From this moment, appeared an active promotion of pro-russsian people at the leadership positions in the state (see the reports of employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine to the President about actions of Russian agents called “Activity of 4 Russian intelligence agents in Ukrainian secret services”). A cross on independence of Ukraine was made.

    In this context, the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the next presidential election was planned and expected. Yulia will not win, never.

    Thereafter, the scheduled destruction of all industries of Ukraine, except the one owned or serving Russian business circles took place. Also was eliminated the Ukrainian secret services, who already didn’t represented a serious threat. Began the systematic elimination of all experts, or at least appropriate people, and their replacement by employees from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to serve the “Family”.

    These factors are directly related to what is happening now.

    Because, in addition of the liquidation of independence of the Ukrainian economy, was also liquidated any Ukrainian independent political power. Interesting is, in this regard, to see how behave our Russian “friends” to our politicians.

    One need to hear at least once, how our President advisers communicate with him. Even in public, they often forget to talk to him using the polite “you”. He is allowed to play his role : play tennis or give attention to other forms of entertainment but, strictly forbiden, to open your mouth (to avoid to say any stupid thing). And, any attempt to play independently is just categorically unacceptable. We allow our childrens and their comrades to play here and there but no further. The rest : none of your business.

    And this also concern the situation of signing an association agreement with the EU. In fact, from the very beginning nobody was going to sign any association. Europe simply was fooled. And even in the moment of the announcement of the infamous decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Presidential Administration responded to the European Commissioner calling : “What change of foreign policy ? We are going to sign everything !”

    And the naive Europe somewhere even believed. Certainly because according to the Constitution of Ukraine it is the President who determines the foreign policy of the country (this is why exactly he appoints a Minister of Foreign Affairs). It’s also the president who is supposed to sign on the behalf of the state any foreign contract. Not in Ukraine.

    And it has nothing to do with freeing or not Yulia Tymoshenko. She never will be release. Not because she can compete with the authorities in subsequent presidential elections. But because it can’t be allowed to have such a consultant on gas schemes and Russian money to the west. On such risks Russia reacts very severely : remember the elimination of the former Interior Minister Yuriy Kravchenko, who, by virtue of proximity to Leonid Kuchma knew all about those things.

    This will put in danger the $ 500 billion mentioned by Brzezinski.

    So, to quote the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov : it should be noted that signing Association Agreement with the EU won’t bring expected outcomes to Ukraine. The only thing Mr. Lavrov forget to say is that this is the result of the Russian policy and covert operations in Ukraine.

    So, we come to what really is the value of Ukraine to Russia :

    1. Existing schemes legalization of Russia’s criminal capital and information about them.

    2. Human resources (taking into consideration the existing percentage of ethnic Russian population of the Russian Federation in Ukraine) .

    3. Land (agro-industrial complex)

    These factors are to Russian geopolitical valuable outputs, even if the last one can not be written off from accountancy. But today is still too early to talk about the full goals of the Russian Federation.

    According to sources of Politica-Ua : the “Euromaidan possible scenario (including resistance to the pro-Russian course) was provided by the Russsian Federation in May this year. And the reactions to it are provided as following :

    – Use of force, regardless of any provocation from the protesters.

    – Increasing pressure on people in all spheres, accompanied by a general economic crackdown.

    – Full destabilization in Ukraine.

    – Several moving sides of the security forces to the protesters. Consequently, implementation of distrust on the security and military forces.

    – Formal appeal from Viktor Yanukovich to Vladymir Putin for help in resolving the political crisis, allowing legalization of Russian presence in Ukraine.

    – Subsequent split and division of Ukraine : the western regions of transition = 6 (non-Russian interesting resources) given under the influence of Europe (in a suitable political form). The rest are unquestionable property of Russia.

    Information received explains the unprecedented atrocities committed by the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the night from Friday to Saturday, November 30, 2013.

    Do not break your head on the causes of this violence. Do not look for an answer to the question : Was there provocations by the opposition or the people present at Maidan. It’s not the right question and it’s the wrong approach of the analysis of the situation. There was no provocation from that side.

    Provocation was on the side of the authorities. It was necessary to implement the above scenario.

    It should be noted separately the case of the head of “Brotherhood” – Mr. Korchinskiy, who appeared out of no where and immediately disappeared, taking responsibility for the violence in the KSCA and the Presidential Administration on Bankova street.

    Korchinskiy is to patriotism what an elephant is to ballet.for him nationalism is just an excuse. The truth is Korchinskiy, early in his life was really involved in patriotic ideas and for that raised the attention of the KGB of the USSR. To silent his activity they just kicked him out of University.

    During the collapse of the USSR, many secret cases (including Korchinskiy’s) were moved back to Moscow. KGB had a second eye on Korchinskiy after he got involved in fighting in Chechnya, the Chechen side. Russia opened a criminal case against him under “mercenary” activities.” However, as a prisoner Korchinskiy was not needed.

    In 1996, after the events at St. Sophia square in Kyiv, associated with the funeral of Metropolitan of Kiev from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate, Vladimir Putin, Russian FSB, used this events + chehnia case to have an hand on Korchinskiy. And he did it without further ado “or you work for us, or we kill you”. In 2005, after the “orange” events, Western comrades tried to recruit him but he disagreed even money was useless. Apparently, he was much more afraid of the reaction of Moscow. Probably as well as President Yushchenko was too for the same reasons.

    And in 2013 finally he became very usefull to take responsibility for protesters’ provocations (who were not). It was necessary to the good realisation of the script invented by the Kremlin.

    These provocations simultaneously solve another problem – the diversion from you, dear readers, from the collapsing, which now houses the Ukrainian economy. And we are not talking about a little default of capacity. Due to the above events Ukraine not only felt into debt but also destroyed its capacity to be able to fulfill this duty.

    This is why the order to disperse Maidan was given by (Putin to) Yanukovych and Yanukovych gave it personally and not what they are try to pretend being Zaharchenko’s fault. This was the “adult” decision.

    For this purpose, the country was given to the wolves : the “family” and ” friends “. They were chosen according to their psychological characteristics to be sure they will eliminate (or crush ) all possible business operating in Ukraine. And even among their own.

    Do not believe the recent state budget of Ukraine : it is empty and we are poorer than a mouse in a church. No “improvements” (slogan of Party Of Regions) will come, we are running too fast to the other side and improvemnets will never reach us.

    Now they are trying to make you forget why Ukraine actually exist on the world map and make you agreeing that its role is to be Russian’s wallet.

    I don’t know if Europe is better. Mykola Azarov is a clever man, indeed, he was not lying saying that : the opening of domestic market to a much more competitive European economy will put high risks on domestic producers. But the question is : Do you know any domestic manufacturer ? And where are they seen since early last year ? It’s a dying class, if not already dead.

    But this emotion. So, without emotion, we must first align the ship, repair the leaks and then define a new direction. Otherwise, we won’t reach the port. We just do not know how far we are from the coast and how long we will need to endure swimming if we sink now.

    And most importantly we need to avoid the split of the country. Such precedents are already existed. Remember partition of Poland, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

    Do we want that to happen ?

    Understand : there are no allies, friends, partners or even sympathizers in authorities. We appeal to all citizens of Ukraine : we have been betrayed and sold already. The consequences of these actions will be upon us not only but our children, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Of course, if they will born one day and will remember that such a country as Ukraine, ever existed …

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