Jewish girl from Euromaidan: nationality plays no role here

VIDEO. There is a lot of gossip in the internet about the fact that “Right Sector” activists offend Jewish people. To find our what the Jews themselves have to say please watch the interview with this Jewish girl. This interview takes place at the tent where veterans of Afghan war made a hospital for injured activists. 

The girl says: “I want to let you know that lots of people who study Hebrew together with me are going to Euromaidan after classes every single day. It’s a pity, that it takes so long and that our government doesn’t want to hear us – but we still come and stay here. My friends, my co-workers from Jewish Channel (I work there) go to Maidan too. This is a confrontation between good and evil, people were killed… Here, at Euromaidan, it doesn’t matter which nationality you have. There are lots of people from different nationalities – Latvian, Belorussian, Armenian, Polish, Lithuanian and lots of others. People stand here for the idea – everybody understands what is happening now.”

Translated by Yaroslava Sorokhtiy

Source: uainfo

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