Still don’t believe Tymoshenko? Her 2009 Prophecy Came True

Voices of Ukraine

29.01.2014   12:13  Conflicts and Laws
Конфликты и законы

Translated by Olia Knight

We may hold many different opinions about Yulia Tymoshenko. But her words from 2009 are more than empty soundings to many of us today. We see all around us how much of her speech has come true today. Listen and think.


Victor Yanukovych is not an independent leader. He is the person who cannot develop a country with his personal vision, intellect, and inspiration.

He is undoubtly a puppet who personifies the interests of oligarchs. Therefore, I treat his possible, hypothetical arrival to power as president with a number of things not acceptable for our Ukraine.

First, I am confident that with his presidency, Ukraine will start losing its independence. I want all the people who value the independence of Ukraine to think hard about it and to understand all the…

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