How much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe

egizUkrainian artist Boris Yeghiazaryan: “I would like to ask, how much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe?” The first day, when the clashes began on Hrushevskyy street, I called the collision instigation, deliberate provocation by the authorities, and willy-nilly оur boys from Maidan got involved in it. (Both then and today Maidan is full of provocateurs of various stripes as Maidan is an open area after all). In the coarse of the second day of the collision, when being unable to remain indifferent to what was happening on Hrushevskyy street, Maidan started to get engaged in it and gave battle, it became clear that although the war was imposed on us, we would no longer be able to avoid it. And after Maidan demanded the opposition leaders to deny the negotiations with the authorities, it became clear that Maidan, as expression of free will, as symbol of free Ukraine, refuses to believe in negotiations with the authorities whatsoever. And Hrushevskiy street was declared Maidan territory, i.e. the battle on Hrushevskiy street was declared our battle. And I concur it, as our boys were killed there. Continue reading

Governmental and criminal terror in Dnipropetrivsk on January 26.

Common people in Dnipropetrovsk are being terrorized by the police and criminals
It began when so-called “titushki”, hired goons obviously protected by state police forces, inflamed a bloody, violent fight with protesters and journalists in Dnipropetrovsk on January 26. But that’s not the end of the story.
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Top legal experts have created a Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Ukraine

Contact for media (063) 286-68-69

Well-respected experts in the field of law and former political prisoners are gathering evidence for a Special Tribunal regarding human rights violations during the peaceful protests in Ukraine. The organizers of the Commission held a news conference on January 29, 2014 at the press centre of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
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Dmytro Bulatov Found Tortured, Crucified, Ear Cut

Voices of Ukraine

Translated by Olia Knight  

One of the leaders of Automaidan, Dmytro Bulatov, who went missing on January 22, was found on the evening of January 30 in Vyshenky village in Boryspil district near Kyiv, reported by TSN.

According to Bulatov, strangers beat and tortured him, cut his ear off and even crucified him – he has puncture wounds on his hands.

The leader of Automaidan does not know who kidnapped him, but noted that men spoke with a Russian accent.  !_1391113629

After he was tortured for a long time, the Automaidan leader was taken and thrown out of a car. Bulatov walked around the village knocking on all doors until one of the natives let him in. Bulatov called his friends who picked him up and brought him to Kyiv.

“Batkivschyna” MP Yuriy Stets was the first to post information about Bulatov on his Facebook page.

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VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Struggle in the East – Portnikov

Voices of Ukraine

Ukraine’s future depends on the courage of the Eastern residents.

Vitaliy Portnikov
Translated by Yuliya Nesterenko
Edited by Isis Wisdom


Ukraine’s future depends on the courage of the Eastern residents.
What is happening around the regional administrations in the eastern parts of the country is tragic but an exact confirmation of along which lines Ukraine really is split. Not along the line of confrontation between West, Centre and East, no. But along the line of struggle between the authority and all the rest of the population.

When people ask me why mainly residents of the western and central regions stand on Maidan – by the way, in exactly these regions they managed to establish control over  administration buildings without war – I recall one simple thing. The residents of the Centre and West – in addition to their own civic initiatives – have political representation in the form…

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Evidence for International Tribunal being gathered on criminals from “Berkut”

izd-gavrl-27-01-2014A new Committee for investigating Human Rights violations is established in Ukraine, reports. Twelve leading lawyers and former political prisoners will collect evidence of such violations that allegedly took place during the peaceful protests and forward the collected facts to the international tribunal. Continue reading

Daily digest of main Ukrainian news (Euromaidan focus), January 30

by Internews Ukraine

Parliament passed PoR drafted amnesty law. In the late evening of 29 January Ukrainian Parliament passed the Party of the Regions drafted amnesty law with 232 MPs out of 450 voted in favour. The law foresees amnesty for protestors if the seized administrative buildings and transport roads are cleared from demonstrators. The law also gives protesters two weeks to fulfill these demands. Ukrainian media underlined that the bill was adopted after Victor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s President, and members of his administration came to the Parliament to persuade PoR MPs to back this bill. An amnesty bill prepared by opposition did not impose any conditions for protestors’ liberation.

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This is for Vradyivka! Because only Dante could live up to describing the the social hell Ukrainians are living in

An opinion from Viktor Yadukha, translated into English which explains the unfolding feelings towards President Yanukovych in all regions of Ukraine due to unprecedented growth of corruption, crime and lack of rule of law which fueled Ukrainian protests across the country. “Ukrainians are tired of the lack of rule of law. Because only Dante could live up to describing the the social hell Ukrainians are living in.”

Yesterday morning, reading about news from Kyiv, I was thinking, why don’t Yanukovych’s people put up barriers on the streets that lead to the camp of protesters on Hrushevskiy Street? Why don’t the troops, instead of engaging in these show-off exchanges of stones and grenades over the burning barricade, why didn’t they stop the protesters from getting the supply of tires (which are used to create a smokescreen), from their supply of water and food? It seemed obvious, that it could be done in far off places, without getting into a fight.

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Football ultras unite to defend civilian population

ultrasWhile the world was dazzled by flaring images of Ukraine’s central square, something far more unusual has been happening in the shadows (text and references prepared for interested international media).
A popular saying among protesters on Ukraine’s flaring main square these days is that to many people it actually feels the least dangerous place compared to other streets in the country. While grenades distract cameras, most attacks on the civilian population last week in fact took place on the quite streets of Kiev and in smaller demonstrations in other cities. The perpetrators, freshly labelled as “Titushkas”, are a new and bizarre type: organised groups of muscley young men, looking rather desperate and lumpenised, who admit to have been hired for about 20 Euro a day and equipped to smash cars, windows and people involved in the protests. The fact that police routinely observes “Titushka” attacks without intervening makes most people think that authorities are behind the organisation of these gangs. [Video attached: Police officer covers up one of the titushka helping him to hide his knife]. Continue reading

A hospital wrought by Maidan’s hands

For activists and simple citizens, it took little more than a week to equip Euromaidan hospitals completely from scratch at the regional hospitals’ level. Defibrillators, surgical lightings, electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters, oxygen plant, medical ventilator, stretchers, UFO heaters, and over 100 medicine items appeared due to #PeoplesHospital (#NarodnyiHospital) project. INSIDER talked to the activists and found out how they finally made it. Continue reading