Vadym Titushko expresses his support to the people of EuroMaidan

On May 18, 2013, Vadym attacked the journalists of TV Channel 5 during the protests. He wore a tracksuit and was paid for beating the representative of mass media. Later Vadym got the suspended sentence for the attack on journalists he committed. His surname has already become a common name as the governmental thugs controlled by the security forces are now called “titushky”.

However, Vadym Titushko now feels sorry about his actions in the past. In the show “Groshi” (translated as “Money”) he said that he would like to come to Maidan and support people there without being paid for that and without causing any provocations. He considers the actions of Berkut to be extremely violent and thinks that no one may humiliate a person in such a way as it was done with Mykhailo Gavrulyuk whom was undressed and severely beaten by Berkut.

Because of his sentence that implies the ban to participate in any political meetings and actions for 2 years, Vadym cannot come to Maidan. Thus, to express his solidarity with the protesters he chopped firewood for the activists on EuroMaidan.

When the journalists brought the firewood to AntiMaidan, the protesters did not take them. However, the activists of EuroMaidan were glad to receive such gift and said they were glad that Vadym Titushko had changed for the better.



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