A female squadron forms for EuroMaidan

In Kyiv, an all-female squadron was formed to defend the EuroMaidan.

This is in addition to an existing female platoon that has been functioning for over a month as part of another squadron. These female revolutionaries stand guard on the barricades alongside the men – according the Ukrainian paper Ukrayinska Pravda.Currently, there are a few dozen women signed up for the self-defense unit. According to group organizer Nina Potapska, its members are planning to participate in peaceful resistance and educational tactics, despite the squadron’s military connotation. Potapska noted that, within days of formation, dozens of women volunteered and the group’s membership is growing rapidly.

The organizers emphasized the focus on peaceful resistance and the need to learn self-defense: “we’ve got fitness trainers, lawyers, human rights activists, and simply women who came to Maidan, but could not find a fit, because the choices are either the kitchen or putting on a helmet and patrolling the barricades.”

The Maidan commandant, Andriy Parubiy, said that he has yet to talk with the newly-formed squadron, but approves of the platoon’s actions. Parubiy says the women can and should support the self-defense of the Maidan: “they function by providing first-aid, help out the defense volunteers, and some are even part of the self-defense units. We will never send these platoons to the front lines, where there is fighting, but they will find other ways to help the defense of the Maidan movement.”

Currently, the group members are offering self-defense classes for women. The community organizer, Olena Shevchenko, is conducting the classes in the entry hall of the Ukrainian House.


Translation by: @iFirebrand – Constantin K. – optimistck@gmail.com

Edited by: @adamnowek – Adam Nowek – adam.nowek@gmail.com

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