“Titushki” enter L’viv to liberate Oblast admin building

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 17:31 pravda.com.ua

Several dozens of young men of athletic appearance have arrived in L’viv to let the employees of the Oblastl State Administration into their offices. This is how the young men explained their presence at Vynnychenka St. 18, ZAXID.NET reports.

Around 14:30 a “Neoplan” bus with Czech license plates arrived at Vynnychenka St. 18 packed with the young men. A man named Robert introduced himself as the leader of the young people. He said that he and his people had come in order to enable the employees of L’viv Oblast State Administration perform their work.

At the same time he claimed that earlier the group had performed campaigns to unblock the “Epicenter” supermarket. When asked who organized this group of people and who financed it, Robert responded that the group is self-organized and self-funded.

However, as it became known, earlier he organized the blocking of the “Epicenter” supermarket together with other organizations and then began advocating it’s unblocking. Some young people on the bus came from Drohobych. As one of them stated, they were brought here without explanation, because the plan had been to merely hold an action near “Epicenter”. In their turn Svoboda activists blocked the bus. Heated arguments started between Robert and members of the Oblast and City Council from the Svoboda party.

Police officers – and there are several dozens of them at Vynnychenka St – are identifying the passengers on the bus.

Some members of Svoboda started demanding that the young people should leave the bus and that ​​they should pass through the corridor of shame. Finally a couple of young men came out of the bus and people started chanting “Shame” at them. Some of young people explained that they were bamboozled into coming to Vynnychenka Street. Finally their leader Robert was taken to the police station and the bus with young people is going to leave for Drohobych.

According to Serhiy Marunyak, Deputy Head of the L’viv Oblast Militia, Robert was taken to the police station because he was suspected of being under the influence of narcotics. Earlier, the Commercial Court of L’viv Oblast ordered that the Oblast Council should let the oblast administration officials into their offices.


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