“Bankova prisoner” Vladyslav Zagorovka: I could not sleep for 1.5 months after injuries

Voices of Ukraine

Iryna Solomko
February 6, 2014  Pravda.com.ua

Translated by Olia Knight
Source: http://life.pravda.com.ua/person/2014/02/6/151574/

Legal justice in Ukraine is a phrase that does not correspond to reality. It can only cause an ironic smile. I do not think Ukraine is a country that even hints at having legal justice.

a4dd00a-300Vladyslav Zagorovka, one of  the “Bankova prisoners” [from clashes near the Presidential Administration Building on Dec. 1, 2013], in an interview with Hromadske radio, spoke of how owners of the Donetsk firm where he worked as a long-haul truck driver fired him after he sustained injuries and was detained in connection with events on Bankova. This is his first time talking about the reasons why he agreed to a deal with the investigation, how he survived torture in an  investigatory isolation ward, and how his children reacted to this story.

Iryna Solomko recorded the conversation with Vladyslav and his wife Svitlana.


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