Myrgorod Town Council: “Even our most ‘soviet’ deputies are starting to change because of Euromaidan…”

Voices of Ukraine


Even the most “soviet” deputies of Myrgorod town council have begun to change their mind because of Euromaidan.

Today was the first time in all of its history, that the meeting of the Myrgorod City Council began and ended with the Ukrainian anthem. Myrgorod is a town in Poltava Oblast, well known for its health resorts and mineral waters. For the first, time local deputies stood up and sang the national anthem. During this session, they discussed the political situation in the country. Many progressive things were said and, even though the town council cannot request the retirement of the government or the President, they created an appeal in which they described their point of view. One of the witnesses commented on this event: “Even our “soviet” deputies have begun to change because of Euromaidan. We are about to start thinking in the European way. Maybe soon, we will grow…

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