Ukrainian Civil Society Under Attack – Ministry of Internal Affairs Investigating Civic Organization “Tsentr UA”

William's Euromaidan Chronicle

Ukrainian civil society, despite the repeal of the January 16, 2014 “dictatorship laws,” IS under attack.  See this press release by the CHESNO movement (translation from Ukrainian by William Risch):

MVS Opens Case against Civic Organization Tsentr UA, Founder of the CHESNO Movement and Active Euromaidan Participant

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS) is conducting a criminal investigation (kryminal’ne provadzhennia) regarding the civic organization Tsentr UA under the article on “money laundering of funds acquired illegally.”  Organization members found this out after they and their organization’s partners were approached en masse by policemen who asked them to give testimony or come to investigators’ offices.  Over last Friday, the police visited at least 10 people; in addition, they know that they plan on questioning about 200 people overall.  The investigation (provadzhennia) was begun on December 11, 2013, but it only became active now.  All the people involved for the time…

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