Explosion victim describes bomb-giver

Photo by Reuters

Photo by Reuters

Saturday, February 8, 2014 08:00

Roman Dzivinskiy has told that a middle-height man gave him the package that eventually exploded in the Trade Union House; Yevheniya Zakrevska, Dzivinskiy’s lawyer, revealed.

“According to my client who suffered from the explosion on February 6 in the Trade Unions House, the box with a bomb was given to him next to the building by a man of average height (approx. 1.75m); he was wearing a scarf that covered his face and a hoodie, as well as grey (probably) jacket,” she told.

“This man spoke Ukrainian, although in a way as Russian-speakers would do – putting more emphasis on words than necessary. He saw the ‘Right Sector’ badge and asked if Dzivinskiy is really from the Right Sector, saying something like, “Guys, you are the heroes, have a present,” the lawyer told.

“When he returned back to the Trade Unions House, he unpacked the box and Dzivinskiy found something similar to a case for a large Cuban cigar, as he imagined it. He started to open this case with his right hand, holding it in the left hand, when the case exploded tearing off his left hand and fingers from the right hand; the explosion damaged his eye as well.

“I talked to the victim after the surgery and throughout several hours. I have no grounds to think that what he is saying is not true,” she added.

Zakranevska also noted that she clarified information in the Trade Unions House regarding finding the bomb in a case for medical drugs. “I received an answer that nobody talked with the victim before me. The information about the box with medical drugs could be an assumption, since drugs are donated most of the time,” Zakanevska told.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda 


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