Maidan: Yanukovych holding a course for conflict escalation

ImageSaturday, February 8, 2014 20:14

Recent events at Maidan indicate that the government is working towards deepening the confrontation and aggravation of the civil conflict, said Serhiy Pashinskiy, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Resistance.

According to Pashinskiy, during the last week, “there were many statements by President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates about their wish to end the conflict peacefully.”

“But the events of today say that they have set course on deepening the confrontation and aggravating the civil conflict,” said the deputy.

He also said that Yanukovych and his team have changed their tactics towards Maidan.

“Previously they used tear gas, water cannons, grenades, and buckshot. They killed and assaulted people. Now they have moved to provocations, intimidations, and information warfare,” said Pashinsky.

He also noted that an unsuccessful attempt to provoke a fight on the barricades near the TsUM department store on February 8 with the help of hired provocateurs wearing the George Ribbon “turned into another victory for Maidan.”

Ukrainska Pravda


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