Mykola Kapliy, General of Police: “I give three days to those in power.”

General of Police Mykola Kapliy, former head of the Interior Ministry in Cherkasy Oblast and Acting Chief of the Oblast Security Service of Ukraine, has stated that he will give the government and law enforcement bodies three days to reduce hostilities towards one another in the oblast. Otherwise, he states that will lead more than 10,000 people to the street–Afghanistan veterans, Chernobyl liquidators, soldiers, and former and current police officers.

“While I was abroad, several assaults of the Cherkasy Oblast branch of the State Department occurred. Upon my return, I learned that these events were, in fact, contrived provocations. Militia officers disclosed the whole scenario to me. In fact, honest people were framed by the provocateurs. I called General Lipandin, Cherkasy Police Chief, and offered to meet; he was outright rude, but I lost my temper as well. Therefore I gave Valeriy Chernyak, the Head of the Oblast Council, three days to arrange a meeting with Lipandin in order to discuss these matters face-to-face. I know the name of the person in the government who organized the assault. The same scenario was carried out in Donetsk, where the government staged an attack led by eurointegrators at a peaceful meeting. In reality, it was a fighting between two well-organized groups of titushkiy [hired thugs named after Vadym Titushko]. In Cherkasy, one group was located within the State Department building while a second group attacked from outside. Lipandin must be stopped and the illegal arrests must be put to an end. Of course, all political prisoners in Cherkasy must be released.

And what if you are ignored?
I vow to go public with this information, and Cherkasy will find itself at the center of an international scandal. This is going to be a bomb. I also commit to mobilizing 10,000 people who have military training. Between 30 and 50% of Cherkasy police are ready to side with me. They are ready to take to the streets on the appointed day and time. We will not occupy or destroy the Oblast State Administration building. This will be an absolutely peaceful action. I will not say what exactly will occur, but suffice it to say that the it is something that has yet to occur in Ukraine.

You aren’t worried about assassination?
Let them try! I have this bad habit of hiding an officially registered machine gun under my bed. I also have other ammunition. It will be enough to hold them off all night.

Ten thousand people must be enough. They won’t be dispersed?
I am very familiar with the number of police in the oblast along with with the hired titushky. Everything is well calculated.

Who created the groups of titushky, and when did they do it?
They were not created today. Those in power have prepared for this for years. Special training centers were created for titushky. Militia officers manage their groups. In critical situations, the militia protect them. People loyal to the regime are specially selected for these groups.

Do the militia understand that they are breaking the law and that they will have to answer for their crimes?
The other day I spoke with Colonel Vladimir Ivashchenko, the head of the Department of Public Safety in Cherkasy. Here is a person who believes that this is exactly what needs to be done: to work with criminals to create groups in order to “restore order.” He firmly believes that he is in the right. To my comments he says: “There is no alternative for this administration.”

Are they paid by the militia?
The militia do not have money. The administration pays. They have no money for pensions and wages, but they always find the money for bandits.

Is there a limit for activities of titushky? Will they stop short at murder?
No way. Impunity triggers subsequent riots. What are they have to be afraid of? Until now they knew for sure that the police would save them. Until now, no titushka or even a single member of Berkut has been punished. It does not seem that this situation will change anytime soon.

Does the militia like this collaboration?
The thugs do, yes. Decent people cry out at the top of their voices against such practices. Whenever I meet with them, they constantly complain about their gangster bosses. Look, a militia officer, a hard working employee, earns much less than a sergeant of Berkut. Even titushky earn more than militia officers while doing their dirty work. Under these conditions, the state ceases to exist, or at least is no longer able to be called a state.

The powers that be have denied any involvement in the burning of cars. They claim that it was anonymous individuals.
It is not possible to single out, find, and destroy a car without the police, even for organized arsonists.

Source: Yuri Stryhun,

Translated by Olena Grudnenko, edited by Michael Stecyk


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