Maidan-As-It-Is: the extreme right wing & EuroMaidan OR “Glory to Ukraine”…

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I live abroad. I have friends here. I love my friends. But…

I get really frustrated when I am being told that Maidan is ruled by right wing extremists. No, it is not! It’s just your blasted media that seeks out the juiciest bits to shock and attract attention. In itself there is nothing unusual about this desire for a hot piece of information, but…

Taking the marginal phenomena, which are hardly avoidable in any big ‘gathering’, and presenting them as central to the whole Maidan creates a highly distorted picture. In the big picture the results, I assume, are pretty clear, so I won’t explicate on them here. That’s just an example of a very bad journalistic practice and a very irresponsible one at the very least considering how fragile, explosive and dangerous the situation in Ukraine is.

On the personal level, however, the result is that some of…

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1 thought on “Maidan-As-It-Is: the extreme right wing & EuroMaidan OR “Glory to Ukraine”…

  1. I made the same experiences. People hear: “Nationalists” and are stopping to think.
    For me too it is not easy to learn that there are other “Nationalists” than the Nationalists in (for example: ) Germany.
    It helps a lot if one reads the interviews with Dmytro Yarosh. Okay me too, i´m against violence. But how to protect people against violence? With flowers? With posters on which is written “Love & Peace” ? No way. Freedom comes not for free.
    The problem is not if one agrees to violence or not – the problem is how to control violence.
    Berkut & Co has shown that they have no selfcontrol. And more bad: they are remote-controled.
    For Spilna Sprava and Praviy Sector its the other way round: they are selfcontroled – perhaps by a moral which is not 100% mine – but that doesnt matter. The important thing about these groups is: The others can live their lives without having fear.
    Someone who is ready to risk his life for I can live in freedom and peace – can`t be a bad guy. Its that simple.

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