The right to be in business: Ukrainian ‘Apocalypsis’

Voices of Ukraine

Galina Akimova
February 4, 2014 11:25 am

Translated by Olia Knight
Edited by Isis Wisdom


The Constitution of Ukraine was written in 1996, when the Communist Party represented the majority in Parliament, and the country had just begun privatization. Therefore, the Basic Law does not have the word “business” in it. But there is a right to entrepreneurial activity and the guarantee of the inviolability of private property. These rights have always been violated. But in past years, the government has practically annulled them. It’s become absolutely impossible to have a middle business (they will take it away) and unprofitable to have a small business (it will not pay). If you’re not afraid of emphatic expressions, we could talk about the genocide of Ukrainian business that turned into the revolution on Maidan, regional revolts, and a new wave of mass migrations out of the country.

Instead of…

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