House Arrest for a Citizen’s Arrest – Four Afghan Veterans Detained for Apprehending a Thief

Voices of Ukraine

Maria Stanislav

Picket outside the Podilsky court house Picket outside the Podilsky court house

Today, on February 11, a group of veterans of the Afghan war who have been part of the Maidan Self-Defense for the last couple of months caught a man stealing from the donation boxes. They apprehended the thief. However, when the four Afghan veterans proceeded to take the thief to the police station, they were charged with unlawful use of force and detained.

“They were first registered as witnesses, then asked to give a statement, and then arrested,” says a commander of one of the Maidan Self-Defense Squadrons (to a Hromadske TV reporter). The 14th Squadron and the Afghan Squadron came to picket the Podilsky District Court, where the hearing was taking place. Several buses of the Berkut were parked around the corner, keeping an eye on the picket.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs states that the activists, allegedly, decided…

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