Right Sector’s Yarosh says danger of anti-state provocations

Image“The only possible terrorists are the FSB and representatives of this regime”

“We have received information from a number of sources about the fact that there could be a series of terrorist acts undertaken in the next while, intended to discredit the Right Sector and other forces on the Maidan, to sow panic in Ukrainian society, to spur separatist movements, and to provide a reason to expand repressions. These acts of terror could be carried out by agents of the FSB (Russia) with possible support from individuals working for the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine.

“The likeliness of terrorist acts has grown with statements by the Internal Occupation [sic] Minister of Internal Affairs Zakharchenko that ‘right-wing radicals’ are supposedly preparing some kind of act of terrorism themselves. Knowing the nature of the MIA and his senior staff, it is easy enough to understand that if Zakharchenko is making statements about possible acts of terror, then these could well take place with his knowledge.

“The Right Sector officially declares that it is not preparing any terrorist acts. The very thought of using acts of terror during which innocent people might be harmed is unacceptable to us. Furthermore, we not only consider such methods of waging war unethical, but we also believe that they have nothing in common with the strategy of our National Revolution.

“We kindly insist that the media disseminate this information as broadly as possible. The likeliness that foreign special agents might organize an act of terrorism is high. To prevent them is technically extremely difficult. And only by uncovering the plans of the enemy can such plans be reduced to nothing. The enemies of the Ukrainian national state are prepared to sacrifice the lives of ordinary citizens in order to create the impression that ‘extremists’ are involved. We, on the other hand, need to establish an informational environment in which carrying out such hostile plans will be ineffective.

Central Command, Right Sector [Praviy Sektor]


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