The City Hospital, or Underground Treatment

Voices of Ukraine

Maryana Pyetsukh
11.02.2014 Ukrayinska Pravda
Translated by Maria Stanislav

“Hospitals in Lviv are ready to receive the people injured at the Kyiv Maidan.” That statement, made by the Lviv City Head Andriy Sadoviy on January 20, sounded unusual at first. At the time, no one expected that the flood of injuries would be this overwhelming, that Kyiv hospitals wouldn’t be able to handle the load, that people would travel 500 kilometers to get treatment.

Medical staff of the People's Hospital. Photo by Yuliya Kochetova Medical staff of the People’s Hospital, Euromaidan.
Photo by Yuliya Kochetova

Mr. Sadoviy explained the motive behind his statement – Lviv hospitals offered more safety than the ones in Kyiv. The very next day, the importance of this factor became crystal clear.

On the night of January 21, unidentified men kidnapped the activist Ihor Lutsenko, together with an injured Lviv resident Yuriy Verbytsky. Soon after that, numerous reports came rolling in, about…

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