A Victim’s Short Memory – the Key to A Blackmailers’ Success

Voices of Ukraine

zakrevska_avatar Yevheniya Zakrevska, attorney
15.02.2004 00:30  Ukrayinska Pravda
Translated by Maria Stanislav
Source: http://blogs.pravda.com.ua/authors/zakrevsckaya/52fe9923dadef/

Here is a synopsis of the most recent events:

1) On February 12, we learned that ALL criminal proceedings have been closed, under which ‘law-enforcing’ thugs could theoretically be held accountable for the beatings on November 30, December 1, December 11, etc. This applies to proceedings regarding specific individuals and in relation to the incidents as a whole.

This means the death of the last, however elusive, chance to punish the perpetrators – “managers,” organizers and performers of brutal police crimes, who are likely members of, and managed by, a group of people from among the highest ranks of government. The government has announced that these criminals shall have complete and unconditional amnesty.

We remember, that the law granting this amnesty was a part of the package of laws whose adoption, de facto, made people…

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