Yevheni Kuzmenko: “The louder a politician yells from the stage shaking his fists, the less he is doing.”

Voices of Ukraine

Yevheni Kuzmenko
16.02.2004 15:30 Facebook status update
Translated by Anna Danilova

Arseniy Yatsenyuk from Maidan stage:
“Tomorrow we are going to Berlin at your authorization.”

That’s very nice.

To miss a meeting with Merkel is definitely not possible, but has anybody authorized these three to participate in this event? Are they imitating the process of “consulting” with people again? Ugh.

And stop flirting with Maidan by saying: “Viktor Fedorovych, you can’t buy me.” Tell this to Viktor Fedorovych himself. As far as I know, at meetings with “Big Daddy,” all three sit quietly like little children. The leaders only puff out their cheeks and get all steamed upon walking out onto the Maidan stage.

Generally, cries and theatrical pauses aside, I haven’t seen any real plan. Verkhovna Rada has to be taken under siege, yeah? But the other side will prepare for this, making use of your courteous announcement…

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