Lesya Orobets: My beliefs

Voices of Ukraine

Lesya Orobets, MP
02.17.2014  FB status update

My beliefs:

1. I believe in a free, united and prosperous Ukraine from the “Sian to the Don.”

2. Each working and productive citizen shall prosper in dignity and security.

3. The penalty for a crime must be inevitable, criminals must be brought to justice, with a probability of 100%, even if it takes years or decades to find and prosecute them. These are honest people who have rights – not criminals.

4. The functions of state government should be as small and as cheap as possible. The state apparatus creates nothing in principle, the state is only the mechanism for the redistribution of resources – and the most ineffective of all.

5. The state is supposed to take care of being a defense against external enemies, diplomatic relations, maintaining the security of citizens and their property, justice, the promotion of fundamental research. THAT’S IT.

6. With…

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