Kozhara to the world: “It is not peaceful protests but attacks of “radicals”, judge them”.

ImageLeonid Kozhara, a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, announces that “radical forces” but not peaceful protesters initiated an unjustified splash of violence.

According to his announcement, “Today radical forces in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine who represent themselves as members of peaceful protests have initiated a new unjustified splash of violence and lawlessness”. Kozhara says that “the so-called protesters perform armed attacks on government buildings, organize burning of buildings, cause grievous bodily harm to law-enforcement officers, use fire-arms and call other people to do that”.

According to the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, “those illegal actions which threaten the life and safety of people of Ukraine and constitutional order in the country must be properly evaluated by government authorities and treated in a proper way under the current law to restore the law order”.

He appealed to the world: “We appeal to foreign countries and international organizations for objective and unprejudiced evaluations of development of the situation in Ukraine and expect absolute condemnation of illegal actions of radical forces from their side”.

As we know, on February 18, after short cease-fire and negotiations on change of the Constitution, when the Verkhovna Rada’s anti-crisis decisions were expected, a new wave of clashes between protesters, riot forces and also government “followers” has burst out.
There are already at least 3 victims and many injured.

Translated by Alina Digtyar

Source: pravda.com.ua

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