Lesya Orobets: Yanukovych set up a trap for the protesters. February 18, 2014

ImageYanukovych and his circle has organised a targeted provocation, a trap for the protesters. All the so-called peaceful negotiations were a well planned trap. They were aimed at playing for time and preparing for the the use of force. Yanukovych did not intend to make any concessions from the very beginning, not for a single second. All the dancing around political processes, the behind-the-scenes negotiations on amendments to the Constitution were intended only to lure protesters into a trap. This day was well planned and directed at least a week ago. Currently the Kyiv subway is disabled, and all entrances to Kyiv are blocked. In at least some places of Kyiv (e.g. the hostel of the Polytechnical Institute) the Internet is disabled. In the course of a few hours a state of emergency was introduced very effectively, and don’t you tell me that all this was done without the intelligence service, planning and preparation.

Everyone understands that an operation that covers a city of 4 million must be prepared over at least a few days, but more likely 2-3 weeks. In Kyiv’s center large reserves of police and Interior Ministry troops were accumulated. Hired thugs were brought to the city; they were acting as one with Berkut, were throwing stones at the protesters and they were armed. Tactically the whole operation was planned to let the protesters enter the government quarter and with concentrated strikes separate them into isolated groups. If the task had not been to let protesters pass to the Verkhovna Rada, there would have been a border of troops set up on Hrushevskiy Street, where it was before. The actions of the police and hired thugs that were supporting them were very violent. At the moment at least four protesters have been killed , including a woman. A few more are on the point of death from gunshot wounds. Berkut and the Interior ministry troopers were shooting with metal bullets; this is obvious from a couple of protesters who were wounded with rifle fire. Berkut were shooting and throwing a lot of grenades into the crowd from rooftops. Several dozens of people are injured very seriously; many eyes were knocked due to shots to the head.

This massacre has been thoroughly planned in advance and its aim is to completely exterminate any idea of democracy in Ukraine. The massacre scenarists want to repeat Moscow 1993 events now in Kyiv and to scare Ukrainians, to make them to forget forever about even a possibility to stand for their rights.

Nothing will come of this!
Source: Lesya Orobet’s FB page 

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