My world turned black and white today


Mychailo Wynnyckyj:

Feeling very sad and incredibly angry. My city burns tonight. The capital of the country that I love (my adopted home and the land of my ancestors), today lost any sense of innocence that may have been left here. Tonight the center of Kyiv has become a war zone.

This place of peace, of multiple languages and religions, of intellectual vibrancy, of tolerance and mutual understanding, today is drenched in the blood of protesters whose only demand was to be led by a just and non-corrupt government.

As I write these words, the church tent on the Maidan where I have prayed for peace countless times during the past 2 months, burns – set on fire by riot police. Don’t look for logic behind such an act – there is no logic that can explain the work of thugs taking orders from an uber-thug desperately holding on to power. 
So far we know of 10 confirmed deaths today (in addition to the 5 who died in January’s clashes on Hrushevskoho St) and hundreds injured. Tonight we cry. We mourn those who innocently believed freedom could be won peacefully.

Tomorrow we’ll regroup. There will be no more false beliefs. There will be no more negotiations. There is nothing to talk about. Tomorrow we’ll take back our city and the day after we’ll take back our country. There is no way that a few thousand riot police can hold back millions. God help them if they try…

To all my friends throughout the world: I ask for your prayers for those who lost their lives today, and for those whose lives will be lost in the coming days. Pray for those who are sped away in ambulances outside our windows. May their wounds heal quickly. Pray for the heroes who are desperately trying to stop the inevitable advance on Maidan tonight. They face thugs in police uniforms, armed with live rounds. Many will not return home tomorrow.

My world turned black and white today – there is no grey. Academic impartiality be damned. Evil must be stopped.

God help us!

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6 thoughts on “My world turned black and white today

  1. My Brothers and Sisters!!! I feel your suffering and your strength and tonight I am crying and praying with you. Oh my beloved Brothers and Sisters may God cover you and protect you tonight. My heart is with you tonight.

  2. Professor Wynnyckyj — Thank you for this resounding clarion call. Your anger and determination is fully justified by the crimes against humanity committed by the Yanukovych clan against the Ukrainian people. I wish you, and all my once-colleagues and students at NaUKMA, courage and strength.

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