Dear Europeans

By Aleksandra Kovaleva

I don’t know why, but I want to appeal to European politicians and diplomats. I know they will never read it, but I still want to write it.


Dear Europeans,

As an activist of protests in Kiev, I want to confess. I have never liked the word “Euromaydan” (‪#‎Євромайдан‬). Especially since the protests have had nothing to do with Europe or the EU for more than two and a half months.

Two months ago, I was still able to justify this “Euro” naming with “European” values. Or rather, universal human values, which have lately been usurped by Europe from amok Russia, Belarus and other “North Koreas” in Asia.

But today, even the “European values” concept is gone as an argument. We skipped the “European” values. Because I cannot imagine a Europe where people would be able to fight and die for freedom and dignity. These concepts seem to have no use anymore in sluggish well-fed Europe.

Living in Europe, I saw many protests by Europeans. The very first day of protests, “civilized” people of Europe were beating storefronts, torching cars, and, moreover, they were looting as well. Ukrainians on Maidan peacefully stood on the square for long freezing months, despite the draconian actions of the authorities. So tell me, who has more right to talk about civility? We or you? I do not understand how you, dear European politicians, even dare to talk about extremism in Ukraine.

Following the protests in the EU, I came to the conclusion that almost all of your protests were provoked by the same issue. Money. Europeans have always lack money. For money, they go to the streets; for money, they beat cars; and even a general expression of quiet dissatisfaction is also about money, and things connected with it. Apparently, it is now the main ‘European’ value.

And while people are dying in Ukraine, fighting against injustice itself, fighting for their simple dignity, in Europe dignity has been already forgotten. Not because Europeans don’t have it; they just don’t need it. They don’t use it. Dignity is gone.

So, dear European politicians, why do you think you have the right to teach us something? Thanks to the horror in Ukraine, we finally see what you’re worth.

Different people standing now on Maidan–the intelligentsia, small and medium businesses, the remnants of the Ukrainian middle class, students and villagers–who are impressing me the most. Young and old villagers–they die fighting for what? For justice and freedom. In the 21st century in the middle of Europe. For fucking justice and freedom. And it does not matter anymore who started all this, who is right and who is wrong and whether there is any sense in all what is going on. The Monster uses tanks against people, his troops are shooting girls with Kalashnikov rifles, and those villagers who were never interested in politics, they arrived in a strange city with their pitchforks and shovels to die here for some sort of ephemeral dignity and some theoretical freedom that Europe has long since forgotten. Tell me, are your European burghers able to do something like this?

We are expecting your sanctions for our monsters, but you do not want to do it. After all, your economy is in trouble, and the money of our oligarchs helps you not to die. And you, dear European politicians, you do not care that this money was stolen from Ukrainians, from me personally, as well.

At the same time you try not to see the simple fact that you have yourself brought your economy to collapse, trying to revive stillborn financial system with new loans. You are guilty in your crisis, not Ukrainians. But you take the stolen money from the hands of Ukrainian gangsters, and when the Ukrainian people say “What is going on, dear Europeans? These bandits are killing us now over this stolen money you keep in your banks,” you, dear European politicians, cannot even freeze it. I am not even asking you to give it back. So who are you?

Yanukovych fucks you all this time. He fucks us also, but we at least try to resist. But you, dear European politicians, seem to even like it. Otherwise, why are you calling again and again to initiate any dialogue with this thug? You know that he was twice in jail, for years there he was with thieves and murderers, so his mental system mutated to psychopathy (I don’t even talk about the fact that he was in jail for real crimes). You know what he did in Donetsk after prison. But you keep talking about the peace negotiations. The Monster kills people, and you keep saying that he is legally elected. I will not talk about bribes and violations during elections. I’ll only note that Hitler was legally elected. And Stalin also had “elections.” Oops, sorry, what am I talking about? You had your arrangements with those guys too, didn’t you? Without any concerns of shame. You have good experience with collaborating with different dictators.

You know, in Ukraine we say, “Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes all alone.” And sometimes, as in your case, instead of the wisdom, age brings stagnation. You’re too old Europe. Mentally, historically. For hundred years you are not able to move actively, drowsing in your warm and wet swamp of comfort. Long time ago you fought for freedom / equality / fraternity, and then immediately you rested on your laurels. Over the years the laurels rotted, but you’re still not moving. You moved from human values to mercenary ones and feigned loyalty to burgeoning dictatorships. You are sleeping in your comfort. Comfort is good, I am happy for all of you, really. But still, you are sleeping.

You’re too old, you’re blind to what is happening, you are deaf and cannot hear the screams. You are no longer able to move your ass. But most of all you don’t want to help anyone as long as it does not bring you profit, but you pretend to be very important guys and you demand respect. Just like old people do. So drink your good wine, eat your eco-products, trade in the car every five years and do not move your ass.

Now, dear European politicians, you are free to accuse me of ageism.

While you waddle from side to side, feigning activity, the new country rises. Rises in the struggle for real values. And if we will rise (with or without you), we with pleasure will welcome you here and show you, dear European politics, what real human values are.

I often go to Europe. And I always feel there that I am Ukrainian. It’s not too cool. Whatever anyone says, still it is cooler to be French, English, Italian or German. Ukrainian? Ah, not far from Russia? Vodka balalaika? European citizens intensify how not cool is feels to be Ukrainian. “You have no normal cheese in Ukraine,” “How can you drink your wine?,” “How do you live without normal meat?,” “Your corruption is disaster,” “God, cars here are so expensive and your men are so ugly,” “How do you live with such bad roads?” This is what European citizens say and they are right about everything. And I can only nod sadly, and feel like a representative of the Third World. Now these complexes have vanished.

I know that from now on I will smile every time Europeans will try to talk to me about our differences. Drink your good wine and buy your new cars, dear European politicias. We just have quite different values in life.

That’s all.
Sorry for my English.

And yes, thank you, Poland. We hear you and we love you.

Edited by Robin Rohrback


105 thoughts on “Dear Europeans

    • Despite the text is breathtaking and I fully agree with everything you said, I unfortunately find it quite childish. Why? Because it is not applicable to reality at all. I suggest to give solutions. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE THE “OWNER” OF EUROPE? What? World is nowadays quite complex. I do not like it either, but I rather think of: what can we do, despite of just accusing everyone around.
      When it comes to me: apart from posting the solidarity gestures on FB i donated some money to foundation responsible for providing help for you guys, fighting there. I will however probably not go to Ukraine to stand there or fight and I honestly believe I do not have power enough to change anything else.
      What else can we do?
      PS. Bank accounts of the bad guys you mentioned have probably been frozen as far as global media suggest.

  1. Aleksandra Kovaleva – some admire your bravery and wish you the best in your struggle to keep your freedom. Many have become apathetic in this world, but not all. Some here in US are with you, and wish you well. Thank you for writing. I am praying for peace and freedom.

  2. We’re sorry that we can’t do something more.
    Situation is complex but remember – You will always find us as your Brothers and Sisters.
    We won’t forget You or leave You alone with all this mess.
    Today many of us want to forget the past demons of our history and do for You the best we can to build togheter new future for both of Us.

    Poland is and will be on your side!

  3. Thanks for your honesty. You have the right to point the finger. You´re a paying the price. The highest price. For what..for the freedom, for the dignity… Shame on us, definitely. We are greedy and cocky. But some of us are praying for Ukraine and its people. Becasuse some of us know that you´re also fighting for our souls. God bless you. Sincerly yours.
    Tomas, The European, Praha

  4. Aleksandra, thank you for your great letter.
    Forget about the Europeans, forget about the politicians – YOU are all you need.
    I see the spirit of 68 again – but we did not make it. You will.

  5. and you expect them to marsh in with tanks the other day this happens? you must be new around here… and young. imagine how much lifes THAT would take…

  6. We cry for you Great Nation Of Ukraine. We cry for you. Don’t hate the Europe. As you said some countries go fond of themself, and the mechanism of democracy lost some levers, but there are some countries like , Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and others. We love you. We try to do what we can.

  7. Thank you for that, what you say is very very “close to the bone”! I have been watching developments in Ukraine with a sense of shame and sadness coupled , however, with heart-felt admiration for the spirit, determination, unity and amazing courage of ordinary people….not thugs, not hooligans, not looters….as you rightly point out!.I feel almost ashamed in my in-ability to “do” anything. Hopefully we are witnessing a re-kindling of that tired and worn chant…….”The people, united, will never be defeated”!

  8. The Europeans you are calling out to are a product of a long peace – and peace befuddles the masses and grows cowardly politicians. Understand me well, despite how I describe it, it is something to strive for: people who do not care, because they feel safe to worry only about selfish things.
    But there are some who will cheer for you and cry for you. However odd it might sound – we are proud of you, you are not alone.
    PS. We here the same kinds of questions. I am a Pole…

  9. Aleksandra, our sister in Ukraine,

    Thanks for this post. I guess you should not feel alone in this – a lot of European people, especially all people from the former socialistic republics are there with you, we are all waiting for every new information and, I guess, a lot of people are praying too. Your post is deeply emotional, but these are no European people to blame – we can’t do anything about this on our own. We were mad on politicians as hell too, already a few days ago, and we also understood that it all comes far too late. And please don’t forget about Russia, that is standing right behind you – I guess it’s very big reason why things are happening slowly.

    But I just agree with you – about the money of course, and sanctions too. And about understanding. We are kind of happy that we already went through all this in 1991 ourselves. Looking on all this right now, we think that it was somehow easier then. You didn’t really get away from Russia and all this kind of politics back in 1991, so you’re having it now.

    We are hoping for the best. At least it should stop.
    Whole Latvia is really with you, Aleksandra.


  10. Dear Aleksandra, dear Ukraine,

    Since the beginning of the “Euromaydan” I follow anxieously the happenings. My hopes and prayers go with you. Things have to change and I really wish that you will get the freedom you desire and deserve so much!

    I have so far been twice in Ukraine and it is a wonderful country, which I must visit again (and I hope so soon). You have deeply impressed me as a nation and I have to say that Ukraine is one of those countries which will forever stay in my heart.

    Dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters, Croatian hearts are with you!

  11. It is wrong on so many different levels how Ukraine has now become a chess piece between the east and west. Being British, we are taught how we have had such an impact on the world throughout our history yet we and many other western nations are part of the problem as to what you in Ukraine are going through right now. I dread to imagine what the great political thinkers would be thinking now, the likes of Guevara etc. People should be able to stand up for their beliefs and express their own free will towards the decision of politicians without the violence which is ongoing causing great pain to innocent civilians.

    The world has become a place where the few rule the many and where the many don’t get a say over the actions of a few.

    Coming from a socialist and liberalist view of the world, I believe the people of Ukraine should be the ones to decide their own future, not Moscow, bot Brussels or any other nation but the hard working citizens of the proletariat. They form the backbone to many a nation and they should have the right to express their views and feelings!

  12. Dear Alexandra, dear Ukrainian friends,
    Thank you for your dignity and heroic struggle for freedom. Europe needs you! To remind the principle values, which may seem to be forgotten in the West, simply because of easy, peaceful life for the last 70 years. We young Poles also tend to forget about the value of freedom for which our fathers had to fight in ’80s, but you show us again its meaning and we thank you for that. I hope we didn’t forget the value of the second important word: solidarity. We’ll do our best. And please think of Europe as a family: families have issues, right? Sometimes someone fails to be a good mother or brother, but they should have a chance to change- its still a family.
    Stay safe, we are with you, we love you too!

  13. I walked streets of my city today and I was furious. I saw people who didn’t care for TV and press announcements. There were few who even stopped to listen or talk about what happens practically next door. It is shameful how long it takes our politicians to do something while civil war erupts in Ukraine and massacres of civilians become, as I lack better word, common. And I live in Poland where many people at least try to do something.

    For a short time there were Three Nations in a Commonwealth. There are still those who remember that. We will do our best to help you.

    I post this on my Facebook page

  14. Some say you can’t win, some say you shouldn’t fight… But I’m with you. All my friends and my family can’t work, study and live without thinking of you. We trust you, we believe in your freedom, we believe it’s the justice you want. You are our neighbours, classmates, colleagues and friends. And right now you are the coolest.

    I thought this would be the same case as Velvet Revolution and was looking forward to it, but this isn’t that case and it’s not fault of Ukrainian people. Ukrainian people are dying and we don’t know what to do. We can send some material aid, we can hug our Ukrainian friends, we can watch the news… but that is nothing. Still, if you lose, we lose, when you are dying, we are dying. And I feel guilty.

    Ukraine needs time. Not quarrels, not war. Every post-Soviet needs time to deal with the shadows of its past. I feel like Ukraine is robbed of time at this moment… you can’t develop, your opinions can’t be heard because of the noise of chaos. I’m worried about consequences. Once the fight is over, there will be a lot of work ahead. But I’ll be still with you.

    Kristyna, European from Prague

  15. So, it is not true that Ukraine whant’s to by part of EU ?If we will come to your country we will have third world war !that’s the fakt . So mayby it is not such a good idea to be so angry about europe becouse many of you will come to Poland and other country for medical halp and refugee.

    • 1. We are not begging anyone (including EU) to take us in the union!
      2. We are not begging anyone (including EU) for material help
      3. This was not to those who care (as far as I understand) – it was to those (but they will not read) who either thinks that Ukrainians are not of any value (or just less valuable than Europeans or Russians) and that’s why it’s not real problem that they’re being killed
      Thank you

  16. I understand the frustration and maybe the disappointment, that is why i do not get offended at all by critics or even insults, probably at your place i d be even more upset. It is maybe true that europeans became apathic but i think you are now seeing all too dark. I do not want to make a list here of all our merits ’cause be sure Europe is not heaven or a perfect place just because we are humans. And i dont think Europeans as well ever think they’re perfect, on the opposite you ll mostly hear people complain about Europe in Europe and even being mad. But there is a good thing in that, we’re free to criticize what we want when we want. Freedom does not make us perfect though, and the paradox is that some of our vertues can be big flaws at the same time. Ukranians just experienced one: europe is an union of many democracies who take long time before actign and who want to be sure and double sure before even acting. each leader of eu nations cant decide ont heir own, have to consider many factors before even deciding to act and then discuss with other nations. I know it sounds liek a nightmare right now but on the other hand it is the same reason why people can be free here or we are experiencing peace since 70 years. When there is a dictatorship things can go much faster. Russia can decide to get in our out Ukraine in 5 minitus, Europe cannot. All companies in the world are not democratic, but work more like dictatorship or army hierarchy, that is more efficient and gives results faster. Am I saying democracy is not good? not at all, paradoxally the difficulty to take decisions sometime in democracy helps to avoid mistakes or that a majority crashes the rights of a minority. Romans knew that very well infact they had for some century a double government system, during time of crisis or war they let few people to rule and then when they came back to peace they opted for democracy again. Also let me say one more thing: out of Ukraine people cannot have the perception of things like there are inside, it is always very hard to make other people understand your point of view or even to know the truth, especially cause lot of information are provided every day about so many topics and often they’re contradicting each other. The good news is that it seems Eu finally decided to move and take sanctions against the resposibles of violence in Ukraine (visa, money and exports). I know it may be useless and maybe too late but better later than never. At the end i personally do not wish europe helps ukraine in order for you to join Europe one day, but because every nation suffering needs and deserves help and support. I personally was touched by your fight and i really hope you will succeed and get your freedom back and the better life you want for your country.

  17. I realised that i forgot to explain why Eu till the last minute tried to negotiate with your crazy president. The reason is that you elected him and you voted him, ,he represents you in front of the world, you gave him the legitimation to sign agreement of association with Eu or with Russia. In a democracy the source of legitimation is the election there is no other way. Now you are experiencing a revolution ’cause you feel you ve been under a dictatorship. But after the revolution i’m sure you will want to have a democracy again. And in democracy minority has to accept to lose and try to beocme majority convincing people in a honest and not violent way. That is how it works at least in an ideal way of ocurse in reality thigns dont work exactly like that but that is the principle and on these principles are based all relationship among democratic countries. I was very rusprised that all protests in Ukraine were on the street and not much in the parliament which is actually the legitimate source of popular power. I know you do not believe in your rada ( i was there i knwo how it is) but everyone can be convinced to change their vote, and actually i believe the possible solution for Ukraine will come from the parliament itself (some good votes were casted already today and many deputies left the field running away).

  18. Aleksandra – you and all the brave Ukrainians are doing the right thing! Keep it always in your mind and hearth.

    Here in Poland everybody supports you! Please spread the words of our love among people at Maydan.

    Long live the freedom fighters of Ukraine!

  19. Sorry, but Poland is dead too…. She’s not dead yet, but in deep agony and no one knows how much time will it take to die definitively

    • Oh no, we are not dying. Quite the opposite. So stick your scythe up your pelvis, Mors.
      Hold fast, Ukrainian brothers and sisters. You will prevail, and I pray that European politicians will find the courage and the means to help you.

      • So, you believe in Europe and European politicians? I’m 30 and about 6-7 years ago I lost all my illusions – Europe an its politicians will never do anything which is not related to some kind of profit. Stop looking at the official face of the politics, and stop listening to official declarations.

        I’ll repeat: our destiny is already defined and we’re dead (because I’m a Pole, too).
        Financially, materially, we’re dead – where’s our property, where’s our industry? There’s nothing that generates a real money in our country, and our state behaves like a drunkard who sells all the furniture from his place to have money for vodka and something to eat.
        We’re under powerful influence of our neighbours – we’re infiltrated and controlled by them. They decide what do we think and what do we do. We’re dead.
        Intellectually we’re dead – our elites are a bunch of prostitutes that sell themselves to everyone who pays.
        Spiritually, we’re dead – we don’t have an Idea that unite us.
        Ethnically, we’re dead, just like dinosaurs.

        I see it, I see it so clearly and it’s so depressing that sometimes I have to struggle with myself to find enough force to get up in the morning and face all the problems of life.

      • apparently, the political world of Poland is struggled, but the Nation still has a spirit. Although, it’s not the time or place to discuss the polish situation. The most important now is to support the real heroes and heroins fighting for real freedom risking their lives every day, every hour, every minute.
        Dear Aleksandra, dear our Ukrainian Friends, please stay strong and do not lose hope. We are all praying for you and doing all we can as citizens, but mostly as your slavian brothers and sisters, to help you.

  20. Be brave, your elite, European elite, Moscow elite are all well-fed, just look at people and news, whether they are real and true and full of hope.

  21. Każdego dnia myślami jesteśmy z Wami. Każdy dzień w pracy rozpoczynami rozmowami o Was. Każdy dzień w domu kończymy rozmowami o Was. Współczucie, podziw, żal, bezsilność, złość…

  22. Nie poddawajcie się, nie cofajcie się ani o krok. Myślę, że jesteście już blisko pierwszego celu. Ale jeśli już uzyskacie zmianę władzy, czeka was znacznie trudniejsze zadanie. Ukraina potrzebuje zmian w sposobie myślenia obywateli, czeka was sporo wyrzeczeń, reform oraz pracy które początkowo nie będą przynosiły szybkich rezultatów, prawdopodobnie ujrzą je dopiero wasze dzieci. Ale warto wytrzymać to wszystko. My, Polacy przeszliśmy podobną drogę, zaczęło się od stania na przeciw luf karabinów i czołgów, krew płynęła ulicami, ale po obu stronach ktoś powiedział: dość! Od tamtej pory zaczęła się praca i wyrzeczenia i powoli widzimy rezultaty. Tak więc, nie poddawaj się Ukraino, jesteśmy z wami.

  23. Hey Ukrainian friends, keep do what you are doing. Don’t steep a side from a path you are following. Don’t let that money and indolence shaded your minds and eyes. Faith, honour, patriotism and families should be most important in your life, others are just cheep imagination. Keep your heads up. You are grate and proud nation. We Polish nation truly welcoming you in our cities and homes.

  24. Too many have forgotten that Hitler was also democratically elected – well done for pointing it out. Any government that sends armed troops against its own people de facto loses all legitimate power and becomes an invader, a terrorist. I am Polish and I remember the Polish struggle to regain independence in 1989 and long before that. We also stood against tanks and armed troops and I think the vast majority of Poles see a reflection of our own history in what is going on in your country now. Unfortunately, you have been very right in pointing out all the flaws of the EU – in my opinion too it is not driven by values but by corporate interests and money. I can only speak for myself but I think a lot of Poles feel similarly – I wish I could do more to help you in your fight for freedom.

  25. Your words are like a slap in the face. Slap that drunk man needs to regain his conciousnes. How can we – ordinary people in PL help?

  26. Do not surrender! I believe this hell will end soon.

    We are with you. We are proud that there are still such people in the World.

    I pray you will find wise people for your future govern. That is your main future problem I am afraid…

    All the best for you.

    Przemek, Warsaw

  27. Sisters and brothers!

    My Ukrainian is poor, so please, allow me to address to you in English.

    My heart reaches out to you and has been ever since the first protests. I know your fight is not about Europe any longer, it’s about your lives, your freedom and your country now. I sincerely hope you prevail. I too have a feeling that the EU kept on doing nothing, maybe stomping their foot and shaking a finger at your government, which is both pathetic and laughable.

    I understand the anger, the disappointment, and all the feelings that pour out of your letter. You might think that you stand alone our there on the barricades, but you do not! We are with you! We support you, be it by donating blood for your wounded, by inviting the injured to our hospitals, by organizing medical and humanitarian aid, and last but not least, by spreading the news of your struggle.

    You are not alone, believe me, and you will never be.


  28. Oh, girl, You sound kind of disappointed, that maybe NATO doesn’t send some troops to kill some of the BAD Ukrainians, so the GOOD Ukrainians can win? How old are you, twelve? As far as you all Ukrainians are so full of hate to each other, no one from abroad can help you. learn to talk with each other.

      • Denis, I have no idea where are you form, where do you live or what is your story. But I know one thing about you: you will never understand what is going on out there, in Maidan. Please at least stop insulting people if you simply can’t get them

      • I never wrote “tanks”. Be precise, don’t get exited. I’m not Yanukovich’s fan. I’m just thinking man. I’m honest with You. So, what is that help then, this “acting” that she expects from EU agian?
        This letter is full of insulting, You know.
        Ukrainians can’t talk with each other, that’s a fact.
        Where exactly did I “insult people”? Keep your emotions, think and talk precisely. Talk, discuss, that’s the point. Don’t just hate automatically. It won’t bring You further.
        Ukrainians devide Your country by Your self, you will loose your country by Your self if You keep doing it. Nobody is doing it to You, it’s You only. You are doing it to your self. Stop hating each other, it so simple.
        You are a devided nation, I know your history. You are not united, how can you want Your neighbors to choose whom from You to help?!

    • They do not need tanks. How long it will take to implement visa bans? Has the list been already prepared in advance? A LONG list, please, not like Belorussian one…
      Please, show them something NOW!

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  30. European values are a joke. The west expresses the same level of superiority to it’s own people. You think Poles are respected in the UK or the Netherlands? Hell no! We hear the same crap about corruption, vodka etc as you do.

    I fully understand your anger because the EU had MONTHS to react instead all they did was talking. And now there are over 100 casualties. It’s a disgrace that the EU had done NOTHING to stop this. It is a shame that now they dare to talk about human rights now! Why didn’t they try to mediate months ago?

    I wish you the best. A free state free of EU and Russian influence. One that can write it’s own history.

    Slava Ukrainie! Niech żyje wolna Polska!

  31. Thank you, Alexandra. We hear you and we love you too… Ще не вмерла Українa ні слава, ні воля!

  32. Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians

    – buy houses in London
    – make holidays in France
    – buy cars in Germany
    – keep their money in Switzerland
    – go skiing in Austria

    They steal billions of dollars from Urkainian people, transfer it to western europe and make western countries rich.

    That’s why western europe does not help you. They love it how it is now. They want a poor Ukraine.

  33. Dear Alexandra,

    It is convenient to disregard wealth and stability when one doesn’t have neither. The people of Old Europe, which you despise for it’s alleged blindness and indolence have both, since, contrary to You they understand that freedom and dignity are not the values one is fighting for in a onetime glorious revolution but working on in an everyday struggle – no matter how dull it might sound. Rejecting or even disregarding this fact will trap Your nation in a vicious circle of consecutive revolutions leaving You with empty wallets and full graves.

    Blind and indolent EU citizen from Poland

  34. I will be panned for this but I have to ask: what is it that you want from us, Alexandra? You wanted sanctions – there you go, the EU agreed on that yesterday. Ministers from Poland, Germany and France are in Kiev, negotating a deal with Yanukovych to stop the bloodbath, European press is covering your struggle hour after hour. So let me ask you – what more do you want? I mourn for those who gave their lives in Kiev, on both sides, but you have to understand that neither Europe, nor anyone else can solve your problems for you. Well, Russia can but I doubt you’d like the outcome. So far, Europe has been unequivocally condemning the violence and the bloodshed, appealing to both sides to pause and return to negotiations. I ask again – what else do you want? Europe in general and Poland in particular will assist you any way we can, but if you don’t solve your differences, nobody will do it for you.

    • It’s true. I guess the only thing that our politicians could do – work out sanctions faster. But I really agree with you. Also just found out the law in Ukraine prohibits to receive human help from other countries – so, what can we do then?

  35. I deffinitely agree with your point of view. I am proud that Ukrainian people can fight for their freedom and dignity,and won’t let your country to be subjected by the West Europe as it is in Poland unfortunately. And polish politician and fucks polish people too. ми з вами !

    • Polish people and Ukrainian should not accept that western europe treat us as someone subjected, someone that is not that good. We should both regain our independence from our governments, cause the power should lay in people.

  36. I don`t have enough courage to stand by your side as I should, our politicians don`t have it as well to force your government to stop the bloodshed. The only thing that I can do at the moment is to send you medicines, blankets, food & pray. It breaks my heart that it`s so little…
    Ukraine, keep strong. You are not alone in here. Keep you head up with proud because you show us all what dignity is all about.
    Karolina Warsaw

  37. I get the point very much, but there is one thing I disagree with: human dignity (as defined by Immanuel Kant) has been, is and will always be universal to all humans and nothing will ever change this. They can disregard your dignity (as they can disregard their own in favor of profit), but they cannot take it away from you). The outdated 17th century economic systems have to get done with finally. A world where democratic values and freedom, even the lives of people, are endangered by a greed for profit is not acceptable.

  38. Im Polish and we fully support you! A lot of people are getting involved and even politicians who always fight are agreeing about Ukrainian case. We still remember your Orange revolution and how strong as nation you are. Keep fighting!
    ps. never apologise about your english, most people from english-speaking contries dont give a damn about anyone elses language.

  39. You have show us, what it really means to be European these days’s. And remind us that , freedom , solidarity and justice came often at a price of blood and tears. Allways remember that Poles are Your’s brothers and sisters, no matter what some of our politicians may say. We have a rich common history , shame that people who want to divide us , allways want us to remember only that painful side , but we have to stay strong. You have to stay strong.

    You are now dealing with something , that we belive to be long gone. With regime that’s willing to point out guns, and fire these guns at it own people. We know that kind of regime, we had one in our cuntry too. But change are possible, there could be other Ukraine , and now it is in Yours grasp. Don’t stop fighting for it!

    We are trying to help. We donate blood for You , organize a medical aid, and many , many more. But as Kasia wrote some post earlier , we spread the word of what;s happening. Just dont give up!

    There was once a commonwealth of three great nations in our part of europe, and there is still some people in Poland , that dont forget the values and ideals of that time. People that still belive, that peace , justice , solidarity and brotherhood are more than words, that they are perspectivs, and ideals , and that they still worth fighting for them.

    Cheers from Poland!

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