Russia sees ‘brown’ revolution, will use all its influence

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 22:32

Russia accuses the West of encouraging a ‘brown’ revolution in Ukraine and claims that it will use all its ‘influence’ in order to facilitate peace in Ukraine, reads a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation published on February 19.

“As a result of the criminal actions of the opposition’s radical forces in Kyiv and a number of other cities, blood was spilled. There are dead and injured among both civil population and the militia, which holds the legal interests of the state in ensuring civil order,” the Russian MFA announced.

“Militia departments, prosecutor offices and military units were seized in several western Ukrainian oblasts. Aggressive militant youths intimidate law enforcement officers and militarymen; dozens of them have been injured. In essence, we are talking about an attempt to topple the government,” Russia assures.

The outrage of Russian diplomats is caused by a “lack of reaction of the opposition regarding actions of the radicals who encourage the ‘brown’ revolution under the disguise of demagogic slogans about their devotion to democracy and European values.”

“We see an acute reaction of European politicians and structures who refuse to recognize that the responsibility for radical actions in Ukraine is on the opposition.”

“The Russian side demands that the leaders of ‘maidan’ stop the bloodshed in their country and resume a dialogue with the legitimate government without threats and ultimatums immediately,” the statement follows.

“Ukraine is a friendly and brotherly nation for Russia, a strategic partner, and we will use all our influence to ensure that peace and calm will return back to Ukraine,” the Russian MFA warns.



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