Sergiy Tigipko announces primary steps to crisis resolution

Party of Regions MP Sergiy Tigipko said on his FB page that a solution to the crisis in the country requires several steps, including the resignation of Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Rybak (Party of Regions faction) and the urgent election of a prime minister supported by all factions. 

“The president, the parliament speaker, the acting prime minister, and opposition leaders have completely lost control of the situation in the country and do not offer any solutions to bring peace. Their inaction is leading to increased confrontation and deaths. Immediate concrete steps, rather than mock negotiations, are needed to resolve the crisis in the country. I think that the primary steps should be:

1. To immediately change the Speaker of Parliament. An MP from the opposition should become the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

2. To urgently elect a prime minister, whose candidacy is supported by all factions. The new Prime Minister should provide government ministers a priority action plan on the day of his election.

3. To create a parliamentary commission for investigating all violations of law that led to the loss of human lives. #(Ed – it was translated as “human losses” but I don’t know if the original quote referred to all injuries and deaths, or just deaths).

MPs from the Party of Regions declare the establishment of a crisis management group within the faction. We invite all deputies, regardless of their party affiliation, to join in to work together to achieve the steps enumerated above in Parliament. We are discussing the fate of the country. Be responsible!

– Party of Regions MP Serhiy Tigipko

1 thought on “Sergiy Tigipko announces primary steps to crisis resolution

  1. The fish rots from the head- and the problem is- this head was rotten from his youth- Ukrainians knew that and still elected him, thanks to Yushenko’s corrupt hatred of Tymoshenko (that RossUkrEnergo money burning a hole in your soul, Vic?). Ukraine must remove the head of the fish- time for some General to explain that to him with tanks, and the Opposition to control the radicals who won’t be happy with any agreement.

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