Titushkas from Kirovohrad: who they are, who controls them, who supplies them

On 26th of January, as the windows of the Kirovograd State Administration were barricaded with sacks of sand and all the approaches to the building glazed with ice, the townsfolk have had their first acquaintance with the phenomenon created by the party in power — titushkas.

Upon closer inspection it’s become apparent, that while some of these men are locals, others have been brought in from other Ukrainian cities.

Among the boys lending their fists for a couple hundred hryvnias one could spot local sportsmen, such as professional boxer Oleksandr Cherviak, kung-fu coach Volodymyr Kozhukhar, as well as unsophisticated thugs and people resembling drug addicts, supposedly the supporters of the Party of Regions. Also, several sources claimed that a busful of inmates from the local SIZO prison arrived to reinforce the defence of the Kirovograd State Administration.

While analysing the video recording, we’ve managed to identify the leader of the titushkas — it was the deputy head of the Kirovograd State Administration O. Cherniavskiy. And of course none of that would take place without the privity of the head of the Administration A. Nikolayenko himself and that of the head of the Kirovograd region police K. Pozhidayev.

According to the information of Gre4ka.info, one of the titushka’s command posts has been set up in the Department for Ecology. In the early hours of January 26th it has received a supply of batons and other equipment intended for maiming the Kirovohradians. And whenever there was any excitement on the plaza, a posse of ‘defenders’ ran out from the Department for Ecology. The fighters were fed in the dumpling canteen on Dvortsova Street. Witnesses reported that the local poultry plant’s shop at the corner of Shevchenko Street and Velika Perspektyvna has offered free sandwiches to titushkas.

According to our sources, apart from the indigenous titushkas from Kirovograd the authorities hauled in their colleagues from Cherkasy, Kyiv, Oleksandriya and Kryviy Rig. 8 buses has arrived and departed our city with the police escort. These police helpers have spent several nights at the police base camp ‘Dinamo’. And possibly these ‘quick response squads’ were spotted by witnesses on State Administration premises, by the 3rd Hospital (corner of Dvortsova and Pashutinska Street) and next to the Tax Office.


In possession of ‘Gre4hka.info’ there is a video of Vitaliy Grushevskiy MP stating that he has indeed brought the titushkas in, and these are not titushkas but apparently disillusioned people from Euromaidan.

An hour after the MP’s statement titushkas smashed two of the townsfolk on Euromaidan with the rubber mallet over their heads. The law enforcement, despite the repeating pleads, didn’t intervene in the beating happening next to them. On that day only the presence of Maidan Samooborona (self-defence) prevented bigger conflicts provoced continuously by the Antimaidan supporters.

Currently, as the police goes to ‘unbelievable’ length to identify the persons of the particular appearance, the internet community produce more and more clues for the cops, finding titushkas’ profiles in social networks, with their residency addresses and phone numbers.

Unfortunately the Kirovograd police pursue not the attackers that smashed people’s heads with mallets, but Euromaidan supporters instead. In the days following the meeting 16 protesters from Kirovograd Euromaidan were detained and sentenced, mostly for public order offences.

And in the meantime we present to you a gallery of the active members of Kirovograd Antimaidan.

Translated by Oleg Mihailik

Source: gre4ka.info


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