Appeal of experts from Armenia, Poland, and Georgia: support Ukrainian people!

February 21, 2014
Dear Friends, dear Colleagues, We experts from Armenia, Poland and Georgia are asking to support the Ukrainian people!

Ukrainians are struggling and dying for the right of living in a free country, where the rule of law will dominate and people will be able to participate in protest actions and rallies. Today, the scale of violence against Ukrainian citizens, civil activists and opposition who are participating in the protests is huge. Yanukovych’s criminal regime uses power structures against peaceful citizens. Shooting of the peaceful protesters, arrests and tortures of the activists, kidnapping, capturing of wounded people from hospitals, and also active shootings by snipers – this is the face of today’s authorities of Ukraine.

Starting from 19 of February, 2014 the situation is getting worse by the hour. The efforts of the EU and the statements of the officials of the US are not giving results (the main reason is that those steps are taken with a big delay). How many victims must Ukrainian nation give in order the international structures and the leading countries of the world adequately react on the situation in Ukraine?

Today it’s obvious that the implication of sanctions on officials about which the US and the EU are talking, though are important but will not give proper effect, as the authorities of Ukraine crossed the line after which their actions fall within the notion of crime against humanity.

We address to the citizens of the EU member states and the US, Parliament members of those countries, political and civil society leaders to bring pressure on their governments to initiate convocation of UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine. We call on the parliaments of the EU member states and the US to send delegations to Ukraine, and the OSCE, CoE and the EU to send their missions both to Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. International organizations of the humanitarian fields must start their assistance to the injured people of the protests and take under their control the medical centres of Kyiv as there were many cases when the representatives of power structures kidnapped injured people from hospitals.

The important message of what we say is that we do not expect help from the North Korea. We wait for the reaction from the Democratic World. However, unfortunately, we should admit that the reaction of the Democratic World is very belated and insipid.
The situation in Ukraine is very serious and demands an immediate reaction. A nation of 45 million people is being forced to live without freedom.

In the current situation the support by political parties, civil society organizations, leading international experts as well as parliament members of EU member states and the US to the struggle of the Ukrainians for freedom and democracy would undoubtedly be very important and urgent.

Dr. Stepan Grigoryan – Armenia
Dr. Jacek Kucharczyk – Poland
Dr. Andro Barnovi – Georgia


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