Informational Front of Maidan

Jan 27, 10:31

Bimba Productions reports on hunting the so-called titushki and on the hottest events on Hrushevskiy Street. They ask the protesters to reflect on the current events in the country and what they think should be done next.

Documentarians have told the INSIDER why they are doing it and why one should not be afraid.

Film director and social artist #Sociopath Claudia Bukevych works on this project with the photographer Anrie Moss.

All the people involved in this project are professionals working in media industry. They have experience with filming, editing, and interviewing.

“We are the warriors of the informational front: someone builds the barricades, someone takes part in the clashes, and someone works on the ideology. We talk to people who have something to say and make sure they are heard by those who still haven’t woken up. In this way, we encourage people to make a conscious choice.

Currently there are only three people working on the project. Some videos they film themselves; others are provided by other journalists and documentarians. They are currently actively looking for other volunteers, especially those who can film in the regions. Their aim is to create a fuller and a more objective picture of the current situation in Ukraine.

Let’s Riot

If you cannot see the subtitles, please press “Captions”

The first short film produced, “Let’s Riot.” is dedicated to the events that took place on the 19th of December. “If we don’t succeed, we’ll die”, says one of the protesters succinctly. This video is about determination and irreversibility. Documents explain that it’s the civil responsibility that makes people dedicate themselves to such a difficult case. “It’s obviously difficult to film on the front, but one shouldn’t be afraid because the fear means that the system wins”.

Almost Mature

The Bimba participants have also produced a piece on hunting titushki. While working on this project, they met a cinematographer, the author of the documentary project Babylon13. They say that they like the work of this group as much as they like the work of A Drop in the Ocean and VideoProtest.

Two videos about the people with the Ukrainian gene–DNA.UA–are also made by this art group. For these movies, they have filmed both ordinary Ukrainians and famous people. Their subjects have been asked for observations, feelings, and thought, on the recent events in Ukraine. The idea is to find an answer on what to do next.

“The Ukrainian gene is the call from our ancestors that has been awoken inside of every one of us and is currently determining our actions and feelings. This is the way of thinking and the way of existence: identification with the national idea,” explain project’s participants.

DNA: Evolution

Bimba plans further development of this project, but the current focus is on reporting on the key events. There is already a huge amount of material gathered, so in the near future we can expect other interesting productions.

“What we are doing is simply carrying out the responsibility of the individual to fight for the truth. Our main goal is to reach to every Ukrainian that has the gene of the free Ukrainian nation inside.”

Ukrainian House. One Step from Marauding

Translated by Oksana Poliakova

Edited by Robin Rohrback

Source: The Insider


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