MPs Hrytsenko and Kanivets to escort departing Berkut and Interior Troops

safe_imageAnatoliy Hrytsenko: Announcement to AutoMaidan, Maidan Self-Defense and Right Sector!
“Single party representative Oleh Kanivets and I are presently escorting the Berkut units–Odesa, Sevastopol, Kherson, Vinnytsya– that have decided to stop providing security for the Presidential Administration on Bankova. They are heading in columns to their home bases (in accordance with the resolution approved yesterday by Verkhovna Rada). In addition to the Berkut units, regional units of the Southern Territorial Command of Interior Troops are returning to their regions. The total number of departing troops stands at 800. The remaining 1100 Interior Troops will provide security for the block of buildings on Bankova.

Berkut commanders publicly declared to journalists that they swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people and not to individual politicians or oligarchs. They are not afraid of being dismissed, but they will not issue criminal orders to their subordinates.

To avoid conflicts with protesters at check-points along the route, Kanivets and I will escort the columns of Berkut and Interior troops to Uman. They will then continue on their own. The commanders of Berkut and Interior troops trusted us, and we must behave honestly to ensure their safety during their return home.

We apologize for not voting today in Parliament. But we believe the withdrawal of Berkut from the capital is presently much more important than our two votes. Thank you for your understanding.”

Anatoliy Hrytsenko
Ukrainian politician, defense minister (2005-2007),Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on National Security and Defence (2007-2012), Chairman of the Subcommitte on combating money laundering (since 2012), leader of “Hromadyanska posytsya”. Colonel in the reserves.



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