Open Letter to Yanukovych from Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Banks

Oleksandr Suhonyako, the chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, addresses the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in an open letter.

Image by Interfax-Ukraine

Image by Interfax-Ukraine


There are various reasons for addressing you informally. First, I cite the fact that we are the same age. Second, my wealth affords me that privilege, for I, thank God, am much wealthier than you. Let me explain: my physical needs are met, and I am not concerned with their enlargement.

Why am I writing? I’ve had enough for a long time, as have all citizens.

What do I mean? You have committed many fatal errors.

1) You did not understand that the parasite cannot consume its host. For example, a bug or a tick cannot swallow a bull. You will not swallow the entire Ukrainian nation on which you feed. In language that you understand: greed will destroy the thief.

2) After a review of the Association of Ukrainian Banks by the State Tax Administration in 2013 wherein no theft was found, your corrupt guards quoted your exact words to me: “That miserable Syhonyak considers us thieves, but we’ll show him that everybody is a thief.” God has shown you for three months that there are people who not only do not steal, but who will sacrifice for the common good of the Ukrainian people, which today means release from your parasitic government. They give food, medicine, money, health, and even their lives. You cannot understand this because you are a victim of the criminal environment where you grew up, lived, and worked. Ukraine is home not only to thieves, among whom you have lived, but benefactors, whom you have probably never had occasion to meet.

3) You want to clear out the Maidan with bullets. But Maidan is not behind barricades. It is in our souls, and bullets cannot touch it. It is a spiritual phenomenon. You do not know what that is. You will disperse the people, but Maidan will remain, and the Maidan Council will remain. Ukrainians yearn for a society where thieves are punished and benefactors are encouraged by the government. You did the opposite. Therefore, you shall no longer rule the country.

4) You are a pathological liar. Yesterday, you spoke about setting the date for civic peace, and today you issued the order to fire on the people. Flip through your election advertising leaflet “Ukraine for the people.” Read: “I promise to control the recession and achieve growth of the national economy. I will protect and maintain the stability of the hryvnia. I will safeguard the stability of the state and ensure the execution of justice.”

A liar, people say, is worse than a thief. And here we have both. The trouble is that you don’t even know that this is unacceptable behavior. Negotiations with a liar are impossible. You claim that people are taking over government agencies. No, they are liberating them from criminals, from the overseers, from those who harm the Ukrainian nation with their theft, falsehood, injustice, and now blatant murder. The honest government officials are moving to the side of the people.

What can I advise? You became the head of state and did not become a successful businessman. A different kind of talent is required. You became a parasite on the national body. A huge parasite. A parasite is pulled out when it does not fall off by itself. But you did one great service for society. Being consistent as a real criminal, you gave birth to a true alternative to yourself: the people of honor and conscience that you did not know existed. I pity you. Wake up, Viktor. A different Ukraine is outside your window. Resign!

Party of Oligarchs, wake him up, if you have awoken yourselves. And don’t be afraid. If you are honest, then Maidan will be able to begin negotiations with you. The agenda: what kind of Ukraine we will in live tomorrow.

Oleksandr Suhonyako

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn and Robin Rohrback


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