Video Proof that Government Snipers Killed More Than 15 Persons in Three Hours

February 20, 2014, 1:48 PM.

(The video is for audiences aged 18 and older) is hosting video proof that on Thursday, 20 February, during the exit of law enforcement troops from Instytutska Street, government snipers were shooting at people in Maidan. This can be seen in videos shot by journalist Ihor Zakharchenko and originally posted by Radio Svoboda.

Today at around 9 AM, activists retook positions that were lost on 18 February. Dozens of protesters perished in the clashes.

The text in the first video reads: Special forces are using sniper rifles and Kalashnikov automatic assault rifles to shoot demonstrators retreating from the barricades on Instytutska Street. The Presidential Administration insists that special forces are not armed.

Source: http://www.RadioSvoboda.Org

Second video, source:

Near Hotel Kozatskiy an unidentified sniper shot dead five demonstrators, as reported by Espreso TV.

At this moment there are many wounded protesters on Maidan (Independence Square), and not enough ambulance vehicles. Compassionate Kyiv residents are driving the injured away in private cars.

At the same time, according to Channel 5, at least 13 protesters have been shot in the area of Hotel Ukraina. All protesters who exit the barricaded perimeter are being subjected to sniper gunfire, aimed at heads and hearts.

Translated by Resha Vasko



8 thoughts on “Video Proof that Government Snipers Killed More Than 15 Persons in Three Hours

  1. Reblogged this on ronfeir and commented:
    Sorry folks. I normally avoid politics on WordPress, but I wanted you to see what the Ukrainian government is doing to their own citizens. if you’re interested, watch this re-blog.

    • The Ukrainian government is doing the same, any other government would to to re-establish a “status quo” and public safety. It is even not sure if these are governmental snipers.Perhaps we will be able to see, how the ukrainian “prostesters” and oposition are unable to rule the country…….and we will see another “anti-revolution” again.

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