Well-known Ukrainian doctor Yevheniy Komarovskiy speaks on Ukrainian federalization

1966860_235414386642371_1003031802_nUkraine is united, inseparable and independent country within its borders. This is a given.
Any changes in state structure by means of federalization can be seen as a first step beyond loss of independence and the country itself. The second and third steps will not be long in coming, and every step is going to be stained by blood.
Any of the so-called differences between the regions, whatever is meant – religion, language, nationality – are of vital importance only for certain political groups that try to bulge these differences in order to satisfy their own political aims.

Actually, there is one and only main difference between the regions and it is the degree of tolerance to derisions and injustice. And the reason of all the contradictions between West and East now lies in the fact that the people in the West are sick and tired of the things while in the East they are ready to wait for maybe another dozen years. But here, in the East, quiet and bluff majority still fosters a hope that “western weirdos” will bring them honest officials, just judges, high-minded police, qualified doctors, social security, visa-free travel etc., and all on a silver platter.


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