Who is shooting whom in Kyiv: Photos from downtown Kyiv on 20 February 2014.


Photo by RadioSvoboda.org

February 20th, 2014. 14:48

Journalists photographed armed men firing weapons in Kyiv, Ukraine. One of the shooters has an armband with a Berkut emblem. Snipers have been spotted on the roof of the Cabinet of Ministers administrative building and Hotel Ukraine, and on Instytutska and Bankova streets. Several protesters were shot on their way to Hrushevskiy Street.

Police previously alleged that police officers were also shot by snipers, and for that reason it was decided to remove ordinary police from central streets. Heavily armed special forces have now been seen in the streets of Kyiv.

Many corpses lie in various locations around Maidan. Activists say that snipers shoot to kill, aiming for the head and heart. Maidan has asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs declare a ceasefire.

According to data from Ministry of Health, 35 people have already killed today, three of them police officers.

Translator: Vitalii Usenko

Edited by: Robin Rohrback and Anonymous

Source: http://news.liga.net/photo/politics/984715-kto_otkuda_i_po_komu_strelyaet_v_kieve_foto_iz_tsentra_goroda.htm#12


2 thoughts on “Who is shooting whom in Kyiv: Photos from downtown Kyiv on 20 February 2014.

  1. Look at these disgusting pigs shooting at innocent ordinary Ukrainian citizens excercising their right to protest. Imagine this happening in the capital city of your country anywhere in Europe…on the streets where you live. Wake up Canada, U.S., Europe, the Free World! Do something to help Ukrainians free themselves from the yoke of Russia for once and for all! Innocent, peace-loving Ukrainians are being murdered in the streets! And for what? Because they want to live under a democracy and not be dictated to by some puppet of Russia? The West has to intervene and now! Enough already!

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