Monster has to go NOW

Voices of Ukraine

A blog entry by Azad Safarov (21.02.2014)

[for the journalist reportage about victims and their families see below; transcript in English included]

“They [responsible for the order to shoot on the 18th  & 19th – editorial] don’t have to die, it would be a far too merciful punishment. Those bastards should bury their sons and daughters every single day” – these were the words said by a mother of one of the snipers’ victims Olexander Plehanov. [see video below]

I want leaders of the Opposition and MP from the Party of Regions to explain to that woman that the person responsible for death of her son will remain in power for at least a year. He will remain free to enjoy the luxury of his presidential residence.

After the brutal beatings of the students on November, 30 the Opposition was demanding for President to resign.

Now the count is more…

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