An Appeal by the Hostages of the Repressive Regime

63904The revolution is over. People have died. Those remaining on Maidan are being encouraged to leave. The purpose of the Maidan activists has been to reboot the government, change the entire system of governance, and reaffirm human right and freedoms.

Maidan paid tribute to the fallen Heroes and greeted active participants, but it did not mention those who remain alive – the prisoners of conscience who did not submit to the criminal regime and who were imprisoned on trumped up charges under various provisions of the Criminal Code. The government [is being] rebooted through the appointment of new leaders. But the old system has not yet disappeared. The new government has a duty to protect human right and freedoms!

So what next?! Maybe someone will finally remember about them?Provocateurs of the criminal regime, in an attempts to preserve their fortunes, have already sided with the new government and are attempting to leave their crimes in the past by persuading the new authorities that there are only delinquents and criminals in prisons. These people are imprisoned only for their desire to preserve human dignity, protect their rights, prove their innocence. The current system makes it impossible to do this from captivity.These people need the active support of society and the new leadership to make it truly possible to freely exercise these rights and freedoms.

Prisons are not correctional institutions but a means of political and physical oppression by prosecutors and the courts, as hundreds of Maidan activists have found out for themselves. The legacy of the criminal regime must be immediately addressed by a new, decisive parliament.

Glory to Ukraine!

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