Dnipropetrovsk activists destroy symbols of Yanukovych and Kolesnikov

1604810_427420640694465_2133167448_nAnother demonstration took place in Dnipropetrovsk on Sunday. After the demonstration, some two thousand protesters came to the oblast administration building, reports news channel dp.vgorode.

The protesters removed portraits of Yanukovych and oblast governor Kolesnykov and hung effigies of the leaders on the trees in front of the oblast administration building. They then tore off a memorial plaque honoring Felix Dzerzhinsky [founder of the Soviet secret police] and handed it over to the official representative of the local history museum.

Further, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of the [president appointed] head of oblast administration and the oblast council as well as the purging of regional officials. The protesters did not enter the facilities of the oblast administration.

In addition, on Sunday, deputies of the opposition parties began to collect signatures to convene a session of the oblast council to elect new leadership. According to Viktor Romanenko, the organizer of the Dnipropetrovsk Euromaidan, the assembly participants decided to continue the struggle and to establish some control over future government officials. “We decided to continue the struggle and to monitor the work of all new leaders who will replace the old ones,” he said.

The pedestal of the toppled statue of Lenin, is now draped in the national flag with a black band along with photos of the fallen protesters of Maidan. Citizens are laying flowers and lighting candles. According to local police, there were no violations of public order during the events.

Source: pravda.com.ua

Translated by Anna Mostovych

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn


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