Early elections and punishment to officials for separatism have been demanded in the Crimea

1920570_236121653238311_1383256958_nIn Simferopol, the participants of all-Crimean protest, organized by the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People, have expressed their absolute support of decisions taken by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on February 21 and 22. This is being reported by Interfax.

The protest participants have criticized Yanukovych’s regime, which is “to blame for the murder of dozens of Ukrainian citizens, who advocated democracy and human rights in Ukraine.”
More than 5,000 people have participated in the action. They have been holding numerous Crimean Tatar national flags, flags of Ukraine and the European Union, with mourning ribbons and slogans.In a resolution, adopted at the protest, the participants thereof have demanded the “immediate criminal prosecution of principle officers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for calls to separatism.” In addition, the document includes a requirement to the Verkhovna Rada to early terminate the powers and authorities of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and to hold early elections of Crimean deputies based on the new election law.

The document provides for mechanisms for warranted representation of Crimean Tatars in the Parliament of the Autonomous Republic, city and district councils according to the international standards. The protest participants also demanded to legislate participation of Crimean Tatars throughout the structure of the Crimean executive government and law enforcement authorities at the level of governing officers.

Additionally, an appeal to the Parliament of Ukraine, which pointed out that the current Constitution of Crimea “is not only in non-conformity with the interests of multinational Crimean society, but also a permanent source of destabilization of the social and political situation in the Crimea” has been adopted at the protest. In the document it is said, “the current status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has become the basis for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”.

The protest participants demanded from the Verkhovna Rada to promptly establish a Special Deputy Committee to include representatives of the Majlis for the preparation and adoption of the new edition of the Constitution. At the protest Chairman of the Majlis Mr. Refat Chubarov said about the need to remove the monuments to Lenin in all cities of the Crimea.

“Today we have made maximum efforts to stop the demolition of the monument to Lenin. Within 10 days Simferopol City Council shall free this square from the monument. Jointly with all Crimeans, we will choose the name for this beautiful square”, addressed R. Chubarov to the City Council and mayor of Simferopol. With regard to the above-mentioned, in his interview after the protest he said to the journalists that it is not necessary to destroy monuments to Lenin, but collect them in one place, where a museum of totalitarian cultures may be created.

Source – Pravda.com.ua


4 thoughts on “Early elections and punishment to officials for separatism have been demanded in the Crimea

  1. HIt Pravda.com.ua here and see ONE of Pshonka’s residences (Prosecutor General) Nice work for a legal mind if you can get it!

    The concerned Ukrainian departments together with international legal structures are making real steps to return to *Ukraine* assets misappropriated and sent abroad

    *Pshonka, Ukraine*’s prosecutor general, blamed protesters for the violence that he said that — in addition to those killed — injured at least 100 others. Of course — the Yanukovych regime together with the Minister of Internal Affairs (psychotic killer who ordered the violence and armed the shooters) could be blamed. They were for a peaceful resolution

    On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 3:01 PM, Euromaidan PR

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