EuroMaidan Self-Defense stops Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko at the airport Kyiv, Ukraine

Self Defense 1: We are a little concerned about how you drove in here. You have guards, we understand, but we want to build a new Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk: You are right.

Self Defense 1: …where there won’t be any cronies…

Yatesnyuk: I agree with you.

Self Defense 1: We set up a general entrance over there; you dashed in here, ok.  We could have asked you to leave.

Yatsenyuk: I will know next time.

Self defense: That is, we want to remind you about motorcades and all that.

Yatsenyuk: I completely agree with you.

Self defense:  We are all Ukrainian people, and the law is the same for everyone.

Yatsenyuk: Thank you.

Self Defense 2:  And one more question, may I?  Look, your people were driving in, I won’t say who…

Yatsenyuk: Tell me who.

Others: The press secretary…

Self Defense 2:  …And she is telling our person who’s twice her age, “You are bullshitting me.”  Excuse me, we are not bullshitting anyone.

Yatsenyuk: I will tell you that…

Self Defense 2:  We could simply not let her in, she would have to walk after all this.

Yatsenyuk: We will, we will punish everyone…

Self Defense 2:  Simply, the attitude toward the people should be respectful.

Yatsenyuk: Absolutely…

Self Defense 2:  You are not yet in power, and are already condescending.

Yatsenyuk: Absolutely. And for this you were standing [in Maidan], you were fighting…

Voice: Not YOU – WE did.

Yatsenyuk: Yes, you, we, of course.

Self-Defense stopping Tymoshenko’s car: “Stop, stop, stop.”

Voice: Yulia Volodymyrivna, remember who carried out this revolution, don’t forget!

Tymoshenko: Yes, yes.

Voice: Yulia, don’t let people down, I’m begging you!

Tymoshenko: By no means, believe me. This is what’s most important to me, you should know this. Glory to Ukraine!

Voices: Glory to heroes!

Self Defense: Let them go now.

Shouts “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!”  Singing the anthem.

Translated by Resha Vasko

Edited by Robin Rohrback




7 thoughts on “EuroMaidan Self-Defense stops Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko at the airport Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. Well dressed this Yatsenyuk – not the “peoples look” from the Maidan-Stage… And look at his face! He lies ! I don´t believe a word coming from the mouth of this man. ( Yatsenyuk: Yes, you, we, of course.)

    Revolution and victory and then:

    People bury their loved ones, people cleaning up the mess, people healing their wounds, people making big party because they won, people forgiving,
    people working much because they haven´t been working for a while.
    And one day people wake up and look around and see the same system as before – this time painted in blue and yellow.

    Counter-revolution starts always on day-of-victory.

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  4. I appeal to Maidan heroes to start your own party and don’t let the old corrupt politicians come to power. You only can save Ukraine.

    Also please go and save Kharkiv for its corrupt mayor. He will sell the city to anyone who pays him.
    From your friends in Australia

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  6. I think they are in a very difficult position, interm Prime Minister and Tymoshenko. (In my opinion this is a small situation though, not worth analyzing or judging them)
    This is great! The people are speaking their heart and reminding the “powers”. Hooray! 🙂

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