Poland Recognizes Ukraine’s Change of Presidency

Poland already considers President Viktor Yanukovych as being being ousted by the revolution. This was stated by the Advisor for International Affairs to the President of Poland, Roman Kuźniar.

“Poland considers President Yanukovych as an ex-president. This is a revolution. There is nothing to talk about regarding constitutional procedures,” he said. According to Kuźniar, “it was a coup that was provoked by the authorities, and therefore it was justified.”

President Komorowski’s advisor said that Yanukovych will not be able to get protection from Russia or organize a counter-revolution. “This is the final end of Yanukovych… I do not think that Russia will support him, or that he will get shelter there. Ukraine is out of the woods. The Russians are already thinking pragmatically. They play sharp only when they have a chance to win,” thinks Kuźniar.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda 


3 thoughts on “Poland Recognizes Ukraine’s Change of Presidency

  1. Niema o czym mówić UKRAINA MUSI BYĆ WOLNA ,cały wolny świat musi wspierać. Ukrainę gospodarczo, aby Ta WOLNOŚĆ którą My mamy na co dzień ONI TEŻ MIELI . TAK IM DOPOMÓŻ BÓG.

  2. today in Rzeszów a hospital room of an injured Ukrianian activist was robbed. The man died from heart attack when he saw that his belonings were stolen. The guy lost his life in the country that was meant to cure him. Shame on this hospital.

    • How do you know that? Any proof? What was the name of the patient and which hospital it was? It is a serious accusation so should be backed with some evidence. The Majdan activists are considered here almost our national heros, so I really doubt what you said.

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