The vile secrets of Yanukovych

Dmytro Hnap

Today, in between sorting through Yanukovych’s accounting, we had an opportunity to visit his infamous Honka [luxury cottage] in Mezhyhirya. My colleagues and I were in no particular hurry, so within a couple hours, we managed to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the ugly details of Yanukovych’s reign in his Khan-like palace. You will have already seen photos of the inside of the Honka. I will add a few striking details that I saw myself.

This is the office that Yanukovych has been leasing for himself using public funds.

The telephone communication system or so-called “social network” for Yanukovych’s friends.

Yanukovych apparently left in a hurry, leaving a few notes and documents on the table.

Some of his favourite books.

“Famous crime stories”

Right beside the study, there is a dining room with the leftovers of a little feast.

Generally, other rooms and halls of the Honka are an example of screaming tastelessness and vulgar desire show off. This is a typical Donetsk designer style – “everything must look rich!”
Yet, Yanukovych managed to add his own perverse touch. In particular, being a passionate connoisseur of weapons, Yanukovych arranged for a collection of bullets in one of the halls.

The collection is particularly disgusting in the aftermath of almost a hundred deaths at Maidan.
The Honka has a storage for furs, typical for all major corrupt CIS officials. However, most of the furs have vanished.

Yanukovych was simply unable to overcome the subconscious desires of his youth …

Yanukovych served time for robbery in his youth, incl. stealing fur hats

We discovered that the building is designed to welcome quite a number of guests. But only three people live here: Viktor Yanukovych, his partner, and her young daughter.
Here is the children’s room. There are many papers here in the girl’s name – Mariya Polyezhay.

Here is a photo of her and her mother – Lyubov Polyezhay. This photo has become almost prophetic.

And this is an official photo for the press, with mother and daughter in the middle.

Lyubov Polezhay is Yanukovych’s current wife, who ousted Lyudmyla Yanukovych from his life.

At first, we thought that Mariya was the child of both Viktor Yanukovych and Lyubov Polezhay. However, it turns out that this isn’t the case. She is Yanukovych’s stepdaughter. The girl has a different patronymic.

The girl also left these drawings, in which she refers to Yanukovych not as “Dad” but as “V.F.”.

Lyubov Polezhay has also “achieved success”. She owns a spa salon and does charity work.

Polezhai Lubov Leonodivna, head of “Crystal Spa” salon

“The Path of the Future”, an all-Ukrainian charity fund

“The Path of the Future”, an all-Ukrainian charity fund chaired by Lyubov Polezhay, has received tens of millions of dollars of transfers from companies controlled by Yanukovych. This is confirmed by the documents we found in Mezhyhirya. And this is a closet belonging to “Yanukovych’s new wife”.

A bedroom/living room.

Their favourite movies.

Movie titles: Wall, Comrade Stalin, Marked, The treasury thieves

By the way, the revolution got in the way of Yanukovych’s golden dream: to live in a penthouse in in luxurious residential complex, Kempinski, on Lesya Ukrainka Street. This complex is only in the planning stages, but Yanukovych had already snapped up the fattest pieces of real estate: a two-level 1800 sq.m. penthouse.

Yanukovych’s private “salt cave”.

Pressure chamber and massage tables.

Winter Garden.

Summary: Turning the Honka into an orphanage or children’s hospital will unfortunately not be possible. Each nail and every gram of air here is saturated with evil, lies, embezzlement and cynicism. Better to preserve it all with wax and leave it as it is forever as a museum of dictatorship and corruption. Let it be a reminder to everyone that each stolen hryvnia brings you one step closer to Yanukovych.

Source –
Translated by Katherina Smirnova
Edited by Lesia Stangret


8 thoughts on “The vile secrets of Yanukovych

  1. Personal opinion: It would be amazing to leave everything intact, every piece, every artifact, leaving it lying just as it was when he left… for generations to come. Now Ukraine suddenly can afford to build new orphanages and hospitals anyway 🙂

    • There will also probably soon be some support from the EU and USA, for example for building orphanages and hospitals et.c. 🙂 …it should feel more meaningful now.

  2. A pair of metallic gold or silver toned sandals would be glamorous, and go well with
    everything. We simply love HardX. They opt for a wedding far away from their hometown for varied number of reasons.
    Hard X now, Blazer and Benny are walking up a cliff behind his house.

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