Akhmetov decides to support the new government in Ukraine


Wednesday, February 26, 11:37 a.m.

SCM Holding, owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, deems it necessary to implement reforms in the country, introduce effective mechanisms for state administration, significantly extend powers of local authorities, and increase the transparency and accountability of the government to civil society.

This was announced in a statement from SCM.

“We believe that Ukraine has enormous potential. Like all Ukrainians, we strive to build a new country, where democracy and the supremacy of law to ensure the protection of property, free competition, and social security, will be established.”

SCM declares that it is ready for the introduction of a new, coordinated system, and to work within it. “Using all means available, we will promote the achievement of set goals for the prosperity of Ukraine,” the statement says.

SCM notes that the events of the last three months have become the most tragic page in the history of Ukraine, and together with the whole country it is mourning the fallen, expressing its deep condolences to their family and friends.

The SCM Group includes mining and metallurgical holding Metinvest and energy holding DTEK, which are the largest in Ukraine; PUMB and Renaissance Capital banks, Vega Telecommunications Group, the media group Ukraine, and publishing holding Today Multimedia, among others.

Previously, Akhmetov had called to stop the bloodshed and to carry on negotiations, without, however, taking drastic action. According to the telemonitoring, the television channel Ukraine gave the events one-sided coverage. Explains Natalya Ligachova, Chief Editor of Telekritika [Television review], information coverage was “wavy”. Particularly egregious was the blackout of the actual events of November 30, when a peaceful protest at Maidan was dispersed.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


Translated by Katherina Smirnova, edited by Robin Rohrback


2 thoughts on “Akhmetov decides to support the new government in Ukraine

  1. I wish I could read and write in Ukrainian, I can however speak it, I also can think in Ukrainian. What concerns me is how one day Oligrachs speak and act one way mostly not to lost their loud voice in govrnment and here we have the Oligrach speaking another story. The motive very clear wants tohold onto what he has and still giving voice to the new government. My instink tells me don’t believe a word of what he saids. Like the American Indians would say man speaks with fork tongue.
    Ukraine is facing another serious situation which has the potential of possibly of wiping Ukraine off the map. Russia is mobilizing troops from it’s base on Ukrainian soil, the Black Sea, and Eastern border. Why would all this be happening now? The change of government in Ukraine is non of their concern. Ukraine has to defend it’s self and should get help imediately if the situation does change from the EU, NATO, and the United States. Ukraine has cooperated with the West with regard to armments. I don’t think Ukraine is stupid enough to start nuclear armageddon. Destoring the world doesn’t achieve the desired results.I’d like to see just how the Berkut would do facing Russians and not their country men. But I don’t want to see any conflict coming up with Russian they the other hand would be more likely to pull the trigger. I just hope it doesn’t come to that. The world has to act and behave like the civilized society we are suppose to be. All we as a world needs to overcome is Putin an his Ego. According to the last censes 17 % of Ukraine’s population are people who call themselves Russian. Now they have been there for some time , in another words they did not settle in Ukraine recently. It did not make Russian cross the border to insure Russians were being treated fairly. Ukrainians are not the barbarians like the Russians are. Ukrainians have no desire to expand. Living in a democratic society is Ukraine’s goal. Russia is the one that wants to expand. I hope non of this happens. But still Ukraine has to be vigilant.

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