A nation that seeks recognition

Voices of Ukraine

Original article in GERMAN could be found here: http://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.umsturz-in-der-ukraine-das-volk-will-anerkennung.e9f92e10-2509-4efe-a25d-a6bc5d5ff604.html 

“A nation that seeks recognition”

On the photo: Maidan commemorates the victims of the conflicts

Photo of: Getty Images Europe

Kyiv/Munich – Maryna Mudra witnessed first-hand the fall of Yanukovych’s regime while staying on the Maidan this weekend. The Ukrainian has been living in Germany for already 12 years. She expects from EU first and foremost help in developing democratic institutions in the country.

Ms Mudra, tell us what is the mood on Maidan?

It could be described as being full of expectation. People aren’t sure what is to come now, but they are hoping for the best.

Julia Tymoshenko called out to people to continue staying on Maidan till the power transfer has been fully completed.

People intend to stay anyway independently of any such summons. There is little trust in politicians, that’s why people are determined to monitor the…

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