Ukrainians in Crimea appeal to new government to stop separatism

ImageA group of Ukrainian citizens, residing in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC), have asked officials Kyiv and the international community to help stabilize the situation on the peninsula.

Ukrainians in Crimea have requested the new central authorities to take actions to control the crisis, and have appealed to the EU to influence Russia’s position on separatist attitudes on the peninsula. In their appeal to the world community and Ukrainian nation, it is stated that by no means must the latter permit initiation of a civil war, and that avoiding civil war requires them to provide stability, peace and safety for all residents of Crimea.

They also call on Ukraine and world community to restrain themselves in the face of any provocations that may occur from the Russian side, as Russia has promised to “quickly solve” the issue about joining Crimea with the Russian Federation in case the citizens residing there so desire.

The text of the appeal also emphasizes that in particular, the United Kingdom, USA, France and China, according the Budapest Memorandum, could prevent the intervention of Russia in the internal affairs of Ukraine; along with the United Nations, OSCE, EU and the Council of Europe.

According to Ukrainians in Crimea, the situation that has arisen on the peninsula is an international conflict which can provoke armed clashes between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

It is stated in the appeal that participants of the protests against Viktor Yanukovych’s regime are now being threatened, regardless of nationality.

However, Russian intervention on the peninsula is becoming more provocative – recently Russian deputies announced their intentions to issue Russian passports in Crimea en masse.

Andriy Shchekun, leader of the public organization “Ukrainian House,” a Crimean center of business and cultural cooperation; and Simferopil and Crimea archbishop of the Crimean Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Klyment Patriarchate (secular name – Pavlo Kushch), have signed the appeal.



Translated by: Mariya Shtangrat, edited by: Anonymous


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